Linux Kernel 5.8!

We gotz it! First hubby, while I was making toast and brewed coffee in the kitchen, and now I. Look:

Normal update, some normal updates but also Kernel 5.8. Tadaah!

Apparently the greatest, mostest importantest Linux Kernel in the history of ever! And Linus, the man himself, couldn’t wait for something more memorable, like Kernel 6.0 or sumfink but had to pack all the goodies into an interim Kernel, like 5.8 or wot?


Anyhoo, what do I care? I have no idea what all the great new things are we were promised. But what I know, and what gives me the warm tingling feels in my tummy, is the simple fact that hubby and me, as Archies, got this kernel obviously weeks before it comes to the poor third world of Ubuntu-ish distros and other nonsense Linuxes. Before it hits the grandfather of all distros, the mighty Debian, it will maybe even take years. I guess the Deb crowd is still happily computing away on Kernel 4.8 or sumfink. 😉

So, I know what you wanted to ask. And the answer is no. No, life doesn’t feel any different. It’s still the amazing Endeavour/Mate combo that fits me so nicely. I guess the new stuff in Kernel 5.8 is predominantly working under the hood and we’re not even supposed to notice anything different. 😉




    • I could try to read up what’s so spectacularly new in 5.8, alas it would bore me to tears. I guess a great part of the kernel is about AMD Ryzen new chips implementation which is great since AMD is really giving Intel a run for the money. Apart from that obviously a lot of new tech and stuff I can only afford in, like, 10 years. :/

      BTW, what Kernel are you on in Mint?


        • Exactly! That’s what I always tell people to buy: Get older ThinkPads or ThinkCentres from Lenovo outlets. Very well-made hardware, legendary keyboards, many unglossy screens, professional shit. Alternatively the professional ranges of Dell and HP. All the rest is more or less crapola.

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  1. The wonderful bloodeee archies that, for the sekkind time this year, either booted itself into a dark square or otherwice Ice Age. And that is why the stable, reliable, fast and sophisticated Windows 10 Pro is back on my SSD. And I am no OS zealot.

    For the equal reasons of stability, reliability, sophistication and dependability, the ubuntu-ish Mint 20 Cinnamon lives on my pendrive.

    As those are the two that actually work. Tried and tested, proven in practice.

    I don’t push friggen Ferraris if a Duster goes there on its own steam.

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      • Not you, but the archie on my laptop that couldn’t come to life on fairly prime hardware. Unreliable, quirky, intended for geeks that don’t have a life beyond computers. It’s like that Lord of the Rings in our driveway that seemed to cargasm when there was a screwdriver around. As, without being prodded, she wouldn’t budg. Vörsprung dur technik.

        No, I had 42 years of IT. I prefer nature above bleeding edge computing.

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        • “the archie on my laptop that couldn’t come to life on fairly prime hardware.”
          That’s weird. Arch always has the newest kernels, so if any Linux would run your modern hardware it’d be Arch, or any of the other quick adapting distros.

          “intended for geeks that don’t have a life beyond computers.”
          Yes. they are terrible, but afaik you find more of that type in Debian, CentOS and Gentoo than in Arch. My experience with Arch was mostly great. Particularly after I left Manjaro.

          The Lord of the Ring is nothing but a glorified Volkswagen. Sharing parts with VW, Seat, Skôda and whatnot. But yes, they indeed have a little Vorsprung over most of the other VAG brands. And a higher price tag. What is wrong with yours … fuk do I know. Maybe I’m just lucky with most my cars, or perfectly ok with them fuking up at random times. That comes with driving a classic I guess.

          “I prefer nature above bleeding edge computing.”
          I prefer nature. Period. But when I’m sitting at my computer I want the Vorsprung durch bleeding edge and not hang behind the curve. Because there is nothing natural or organic in computing I wanna go all out. And same as in motor vehicles, the more modern your hard- and software, the more reliable it’s gonna be.


          • The more modern, the more teething problems.

            My trusty old IBM Thinkpads, an ancient Compact Presario, four old Merc W115s and a W123 taught me that. Lord of the Rings was an electrical self-destructive device. Ditto my friend’s, and those of my uncles, cousins and grandpa. The Mercs lasted because of proper construction and lack of “Frakfurt by Night” on the dashboard. Just proper bolts no screwing. ,

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            • Mhm, the W123 was no doubt the best car we ever had. Gave us super service for, lemme think … 13 fuxn years. And she was already 20 years old and heavily used when we bought her in 2002. I guess she had done nearly 300k kilometers and was a couple times around the clock. Still drove like a champ. The W124 we had in Germany was crap compared to that.

              But Linux OSes are no cars. They do indeed become better all the time. Until they don’t. And then we go looking for something nicer. Easy as that. Contrary to Windows, we can do that in Linux since we have so much choice. In Windows when you hate your system … well, you’re shit outta luck. Wait for the next version. :/
              Which might never arrive. It’s said that Win10 is the end of the line. Bought it for money? Boy, MS got you good. Enjoy being their bitch. 😉

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                • Gud booi, werry gud booooiiii. 🙂

                  But you know someone paid for the software on your lappy. It’s calculated into the sale price.


                    • Yes. Obviously many ppl paid for that thing. Last in line was us, and we keep on paying for it, piece by piece. paint layer by paint layer. 😐


                    • Hehehe sounds like having a teenage girlfriend. They never stop asking money and putting on layer upon layer, be it war paint, night shade, clothes or fat.

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