Prison: Day 142

Hello my wonderfully infectuous weirdos!

Dunno about you but me, I’m sick and tired of all the Covid-19 shit … shitty news to be more precise. And not just the depressive statistics but the news about all those stupid covid deniers and lawbreakers and asswhooped fukhedz.

Man, the good ole Lez really brought me down. 😦

Since most Covid victims are, like, really stupid, that means the pandemic will wipe out all the GOP Trumpists. See, there’s an upside to everything. 🙂

Look at those numbers if you can still bear it:

And that’s only one insignificant little country at the dirt road of the planet. 😮

And it gets worse: See those numbers? See them raising every time I post the statistics? Yeah, wonderful time to lower the lockdown restrictons to Level 2, right? Gonna happen in just a couple days. 😮 So good to have a professional gov’mt that cares. :/

Hello, can I talk to an adult please?

So me thinked why not give you some funny shit? Just to get my mind set on lighter shit. Ya, why not Michael Jackson singing a bluegrass song?

Feeling much better now already. 😉

Or some really threatening dramatic Star Wars? Not like the new shit but a real classic with stormtroopers who can’t shoot for shit? Look:

The fukn president can tell me it’s cool to visit the next informal settlement and play a game of gangrape with the local male population … I guess I stick to our little but secure home, wash my hands and live vicariously through my computer.

As should you!

See all ya kidz later



One comment

  1. Worldwide deaths for the most deadly disease in human history (w/ lockdowns, masks, etc what else can it be called?) are at “757,992” this morning…in over eight months, so that’s like two flu seasons.

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