Oubaas @ the Skindoctor, Pt. II

Not much has changed since I left the van with the panelbeaters on Friday. Hardly enough to see some slight but important progress. It’s raining on and off right now so they couldn’t do too much to the body yet.

But let’s have a looksee:

Right side they started with bodyfiller and set the drivers door so it closes properly and won’t let rain and wind in. Very good.
The hood was nasty and needed complete bodyfilling.
On the left side the derusting agent is still in action. Akne is a hell of a sickness. 😉
Oubaas is in a spot of bother. 😮 Due to the shitty weather all the windows are still in the body.

Anyhoo, cutting the roof off would be stupid right now, same as removing windscreen and side windows. It’s about time Oubaas will get a dedicated space inside the shop.



    • Should?
      As far as I’m concerned it’s a must!

      Now that I’ve refound my love for vans – after many many years with limousines and station wagons and motorcycles – I decided that everybody must be in posession of a van or any kind of RV. Because if capitalism keeps on going on about robbing us of our money and creates global economic crisises, and we’ve been kicked out of our houses, where else will we sleep at night, and cook, and shit, and listen to music and watch movies and have transport to travel and commute in? Can’t sleep on your Harley or in your Porsche, that’s for sure. 😐

      I mean, ok, you always find a cozy place in your allotment’s garden shed. But can you still afford the allotment after the next crisis? Covid-19 delivered the best excuse for the capitalists to take everything away from the little people. And in the harsh reality of planet Earth in the year 2020 there is no hobbington and no shire were the little people can find shelter. 😮


      • The allotment is 80 pence a week, I can afford that but I probably won’t keep it. I have several friends that live in vans. England’s full of people sleeping in the streets. It’s a bad time for a lot of people.

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        • 80 pence??? Not 80 pounds or sumfink but 80 pence? I would take a dozen of those and put the biggest shed ever on it. 🙂

          And yes, vanlife is the latest craze right now. If by ones own desire or out of necessity, everybody moves into their cars and vans. Didn’t know the UK would copy the US in all details yet. But sleeping in the streets? Last I checked it was by choice as well. Nobody has to sleep in the streets. At least not in Germany. Don’t you have a robust social security system anymore? Must we worry about our pension funds?

          But when you watch the latest vanlife videos out of Europe, it’s like a pandemic in itself. All the secret camp spots are overrun, year round. Spain and Portugal, even down to Morocco, hundreds and thousands of vanners abound.



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