Not All Fun and Games

… in the Linux verse. :/

The touchpad of OrcNet is absolutely unusable! 😮


Always after, like 5 minutes of usage the pointer starts flipping around on the screen, very fast and unpredictable, even when using the mouse. So clicking onto a certain point becomes impossible. 😦 Can’t werk like that! Yes, of course I can get around it by just disabling the touchpad. Which immediately causes the mouse to calm down and perform as supposed.

Fine by me. I’m not a touchpad user anyway. But sometimes even old timey Orca has to use the touchpad, in planes, airports, the van, restaurants, the toilet, all kinds of different scenarios. And then my fuked up old Acer is of no use for me anymore. 😦

And, yes, I put the whole blame on my cheap ass Acer netbook. Not on Linux, and particularly not on Endeavour. Shut up, Sammie! =^.^= Six years of use and abuse and roughing around the world, has taken its toll on this underpowered little girl’s lappytoppy. I’m quite sure my Acer would show the same misdemeanour if it was powered by Windows.

Alas I’m not using Windows but Linux, so everytime I’m installing some distro on OrcNet first impression  is: Fukn touchpad won’t work properly – bad bad Linux. 😦

Why did I write this? Precautionary tale I guess. To show you that Linux, as nifty as it is, can’t and won’t heal your broken hardware. It will make your old and slow hardware a bit more speedy, it can do with a whole lot less RAM than Windows … but it won’t repair our broken wifi cards or touchpads or whatever crap is inside our cheapo machines.

Does this change my recommendation? No, absolutely not! If you’re not rolling in money go and get the cheapest used shitlappy from the nearest and cheapest goodwill store or your grannie’s attic and Linux the fuk out of it! Install Mint, fuk with it. Delete Mint, install the other Mint, LMDE, fuk with ithat … and delete again. Install Sparky, fuk, delete, install Fedora, MX, SuSE, Ubuntu, Endeavour, Manjaro … fuk ’em all, wash, rinse and  repeat.

Too late. Not even Linux can help with this shit. 😦

And once you are convinced that Linux is gud for you, get a decent piece of gear and stop mukking about with unworthy hardware like a certain stupid whale does. But, as bad as my OrcNet is, it is at least still very fukable. Better than having no fukpiece at all.

The great Carole King knows when it’s time to toss the old shit and get new hardware for her Linux project.



    • It’s exclusively working on a mouse, Neil. Since forever, since I don’t like using the touchpad. And using it as a server, yeah we could do that … but I need that fukn thing usually once a year when we travel to Germoney. Oh my, by now we should already be back home since quite a while but couldn’t even leave yet. Fortunately are the public health insurance and health dpt totally relaxed and don’t force anybody to be tested asap. They are in lockdown themselves and will need months and months to get up-to-date with legal requirements. Cool with us. We love it better in SA anyway. 🙂 As long as they pay we don’t see no reason to do the stressful journey. 😉


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