Race Day 18 with Bandit 25R at TrYC

Yesterday Lucy, Nicole, Dahlia, Yvonne and Moon joined me in our Bandit 25R race at TrYC on our B25 Course with wind from SE and 18knots.

The fleet started in two groups of 3. Yvonne, Lucy and me in the first group and Nicole, Dahlia and Moon a little later in the second group. The way until WP 3 saw Yvonne, Lucy and me in a close fight. At the Roman boat Yvonne went whyever too much north and got caught by the simcrossing and lost her leading position. I could manage to sail away from Lucy. Moon, Yvonne, Nicole and Dahlia followed. After buoy 4 Lucy, Nicole and Dahlia followed me on the more southern route to buoy 5 while Moon and Yvonne chose the more northern route. Watching the dots of the others on minimap i noticed that suddenly Yvonnes dot disappeared and was never seen again. We found our positions in the fleet during the long upwind and kept it until the finish. Only Dahlia had bad luck. Close to buoy 10 she lost electricity in rl and disappeared for more than 2 hours.

Lucy finishes after me
then Moon finishes
and after Moon Nicole finishes

The first half of the race had some exciting duells on the course. After everyone “found” her/his place in the fleet no more mistakes changed them until the finish.

Here are the results from yesterday:

Race 18: 2020-08-08-TrYC Bandit 25R-SE18

1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — 00:27:01
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — 00:28:28 7 points
3: moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E — 00:29:25 4 ponts
4: Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — 00:30:23 2 points
5: YvonneDearly Resident IDBS593B — not Finished 1 point
6: Dahlia Jayaram IDBSBC69 — not Finished 1point

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: 00:26:42
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:28:08
moonglownight Resident IDBSBF2E — Start: 00:00:43 — Last lap: 00:28:42
Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — Start: 00:00:37 — Last lap: 00:29:46
YvonneDearly Resident IDBS593B — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: not finished
Dahlia Jayaram IDBSBC69 — Start: 00:00:38 — Last lap: not finished

Standing overall TrYC 2020 B25R Championchip (after 18 races):
Sailor – points – number of races
Yvonne 58 13
Lucy 56 14
Nicole 42 14
Dahlia 29 16
Laured 20 3
Candy 17 5
Teagan 9 1
Callie 6 3
Moon 4 1
Dark 1 1
Riz 1 1

There will be a rolling restart on Tuesday and Wednesday for all sims and hopefully all get the smoother “crossing code” we could already enjoy on Blake Sea this week. This will hopefully minimise the technical issues and crashes and gives us all more chances for more exciting racing fun. I am very curious to experience that.

Stay all safe wherever you are and hope to see you all again soon.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. “suddenly Yvonnes dot disappeared and was never seen again.”
    Omg! 😮 I hope and pray she got her dot back. I mean, it’s not a real second life without a dot, is it?

    “Close to buoy 10 she lost electricity in rl and disappeared for more than 2 hours.”
    2 hours? That’s enormously fast emergency response for American circumstances. Usually they are so badly prepared for those annually reoccuring tropical storms, it often takes weeks for the electricity to be restored.


      • Ya. mon! I is kweek. Jamaica is jus’ a small little islun’ in a beeg ocean full of fish, so with Jah’s help we be at the kustomahz in no time. 🙂


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