Prison: Day 137

Mørnsen, my dear fellow members of our threatened species, wassup?

Me? Not much. grounded again due to Oubaas is at the panelbeaters and our fridge is resonably stocked with foodstuffs and drinkies. Perfect day for acting all lawful and reasonable, stay home and self-isolate … and conduct some kitchen experiments! 🙂

We all remember how smitten I was by this fine recipe, no?


So this nice – actually cold and rainy – morning I did the feely touchy with my purchased avocados, all wannabe expert-ish, and found one was soft enough for consumption. So just a heartbeat later …


Ta-daa! 🙂

Urrgs, ya, I know it looks like crap but it is indeed two microwave-poached eggs on avo. Of course sans the herbs and fish and pepper n stuff but kinda similar, no? And I can tell you the experiment was halfways successful. Not lekker but not terrible neither, and with some more love and ingredients put into it this has everything to become a future breakfast stable.

Will try it tomorrow again with some more love and care … and more herbs and tasty stuff. Don’t have salmon in the house right now, will try some black forest ham and toast with it. This shall be gud. Hubby will love it. And happy hubby = happy Orca. 🙂

What else? You bored? Why? And how? Go, invest some time into your tech future and test more Linux distros. Finally got that spare computer for wild experimenting? Or draw a painting, clean the garage, weed out the garden, take a soothing bubble bath, make sweet love to your better halves, cook something new, something you never tried, read a book, create havoc on 4chan or reddit, spoil yourself … get a better attitude.

Never be bored on Mars lockdown.

Imagine you’re preparing for the trek to Mars and need to harden up against loneliness and boredom … oh btw, flight to Mars takes about half a year, no? We’re all well into the fifth month of lockdown, so almost qualified for the first settlers program. 🙂 Of course we can’t open the hatches of the spaceship and get out to the shopping mall, China Town or the car mechanics. But for simulation roleplay we’re all doing quite fine, right?

I want a pod with a stepladder.

Now let’s have a look at the world around our klein huisie …

See that? It gets worse … 😦

Corpses are piling up in the streets, we better stay inside. 😦

You guys stay frosty, alright?





    • I never saw the original neither, just the photo on some website. And since we’re tired of always the same guacamole I thought why not try it with eggs and salmon? Only that I poached the eggs and used ham instead of salmon. And I spiced it up all proper. Was already much nicer than my first try.


        • Why? What’s the problem with fried eggs? You can see their condition in the pan. I’m always in favour for slightly undercooked, so the yellow is nice and fluid. And I’m strictly a sunny-side-up girl. But as I only poach the eggs since I bought this microwaveable plastic thingie.

          It’s so easy: Eggs in, salt, teaspoon water, 1 minute microwaving … voila, 2 perfectly poached eggs. 🙂

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            • I found that thing in our local foodlovers market and just had to have it. Always stuggling with poaching eggs, there’s so much that can go wrong. Now I can make eggs benedict without nuclear warfare in the kitchen.

              But poached is not fried. 😮

              The secret with fried eggs is … being extra special ultra careful and apply just the right amount of violence to it when breaking the egg, so the yolk won’t go kaputt at the same time. And then very slowly setting it out in the pan, not from a height but pretty close to the (well-oiled) pan … just letting it slowly slide out of the shell … onto your toast, pita bread, naan bread, pancakes, schnitzel, cutlets, fish fingers, salmon filets, mushrooms, spinach, whatever …


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