Distro Hopping Sucks. I’ll Never Leave You Again, Arch Linux!

LOL! 🙂

Derek got it. The one essential truth most Linux disciples fail to understand:

He needed 24 hours, lots of alcohol and serious sleep deprevation but finally he got it right! 🙂

In the last 24 hours, I have distrohopped 8 times on my main production machine. Several failed installs and several bottles of wine later, I realized I messed up. You never quit a good thing, and I had a good thing with the Arch-based distros, especially Arco.











See what people do in lockdown? Only useful stuff! Installing and failing 8 Linux distros in 24 hours. Peepelz, meet your new rolemodel!

And what does this mean for you, my little shitbirds?

In the end there can be only one!

Yes, okay, two. But do you admin the 128 servers of your local uni? No, eh? Only the 3 – 4 laptops of your closest family members. So we ignore Debian. It’s too stressy anyways.

Last Linux distro standing: Any Arch derivative. =^.^=



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