Checking out Storm OS

Hey, Hi and Hello!

May I direct your attention to the following video?


StormOS is a beginner friendly distribution based on Arch Linux. Developed by Ben Fitzpatrick and Matthew Moore. This distro’s goal is to help bring new users over to the world of Arch Linux by offering an easy to install, out of the box Arch Linux experience.

Okayyyyy sounds good. Matthew Moore is well-known for cleverly forking Manjaro Linuxes, and Hackman Linux is another known Arch Linux project … probably dead by now. Anyways, the makers of StormOS aren’t nobodies or first-timers, so we should expect something of greatness, full of fresh ideas …

Alas, if you’ve watched the video by David Behrens of the Linux Project YT channel, you’ve seen how disappointing this supposedly easy peasy Arch distro turned out to be. Come on, Arch with Xfce put on top. Really? We’ve seen that done countless times … and better. Much better! From Manjaro up to my fave Endeavour, they all have fine working Xfce environments put on top of their (near) flawless bases.

Also they did the worst mistake any devs could do to an Arch distro: They over-populated it with lots of preinstalled software apps. Me no likey. It’s not the Arch way! And with a self-imposed goal of winning over new users to the Arch side, they really missed their goal post by a mile! Not that Xfce is overly complex to operate but for n00bs we have much better, more familiar desktops, no? Cinnamon springs to mind as the best candidate for ppl coming over from Windows. Much better and nicer process for any new user.

So why add another – below par – distro to the existing over abundance of Linux distros? I’m not saying it’s fuked altogether, but it has too many errors and weak points to make it stormosreally usable for spoiled brats like Orca … and you. Ben and Matthew didn’t even deem it necessary to switch out the old Hackman screenshots for new ones on Sourceforge. That the is sort of sloppiness I’ll not support. Actually when I see a haphazardly cobbled together distro like StormOS I begin to understand why all the stressed-out, short on time, overly aggressive, not laid-back and impatient Americans are complaining about too many Linux distros. 😐

You guys know that your editrix is quite the ArchLinux fangurl but there are some distinctive exemptions to my love. And StormOS is definately one of those. So you’ll forgive me for not trying this thing out myself, ya?


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