This blog kinda ignored international politics lately and y’all thought you’d be save from Orca’s subversive commie underground propaganda. Right?

Well, we’re changing that now now!

So if you’re an American patriot and support your military and the  gov’mt, better look away now. This ain’t a safespace any longer …

Germany shouldn’t give in to the US’s blackmailing attempts but keep on going with Nord Stream 2 and the Russians.

I don’t have any warm feelings for that nonsense platform Tik Tok (only the world’s most stupid teenagers are there) but what the US is doing here are purest mafia methods and has nothing to do with a free market. 😮

And this is just so hilarious … words are failing me. 😦

A little bit older but a nice insight into the American mindset and political climate:

I can’t believe it. 😮

More old shit:

Black Suicides Matter?

And more old … but mildly amusing stoogery:

I didn’t see any speeding in the video.

American drama queen. 😉

And in further older news about shooting and getting shot in shithole war zone countries we see shit like this …

Live by the gun, die by the gun!



  1. It has little to do with free markets and everything with spying. If I were Trump, I would have blocked more than just TikTok. I don’t expect others to understand as I’ve been where most were not.

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    • Spying? Really?

      Chinese spying on the most gulible, least interesting target ever: Stupid af and morally ambivalent American teenie gurlz. I’m shocked. You hear that? SHOCKED!!!

      Of course they are spying, same as everyone else. But in the case of Trump and TikTok and others it’s just coldhearted barbaric capitalism. “Unfriendly takeover” we called such shit in the olden times.


      • If you begin to understand the damage done to the world by heartless communism. They don’t spy on the stupid girls but on what they perceive in the background….. I don’t want to explain in public but I have seen the dark side of the ungodly in so many ways over several decades. Wechat, weather apps and the like all spy. But the spies helped the commies to turn my own country into a shithole…….best to ban the bastards.

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        • “If you begin to understand”
          Hmmm, a university degree in Eastern European history and visits to the USSR and stuff gives me quite a good understanding I guess.

          “I don’t want to explain in public”
          Why not? You’re an oracle?

          “I have seen the dark side of the ungodly in so many ways over several decades.”
          Another very enigmatic non-statement … and anecdotal at best.

          “commies to turn my own country into a shithole”
          What country would that be, please? It actually doesn’t matter, cause in all cases in eastern European countries we’re talking about Stalinism here, dictatorship disguised as communism. Has nothing to do with modern Chinese communism, which is more like a direct democracy. Every Chinese citizen has so much more to say ín local, national and international politics than you and me and most westerners ever had.

          And from your choice of words I gather you feel a lot of simmering, confused, unfocused hate, am I right? That unfortunately kinda disqualifies you from any analytical academic approach.

          If you knew Trump’s approach to politics you’d know he doesn’t give a wet fart about communism, fascism or whatever ism. And even less about democracy. He’s always looking for the best deal; so make him a good offer and you’ll have a temporary friend. Not a good friend though, rather a friend that can turn on you in the next second. But for a certain time you’re save.


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