Waiting for 5.8 :)

Okay, you say Kernel 5.8 is released already. Linus Torvalds himself said it’s the most awesome kernel ever! And Arch distros are supposed to be among the first to get it, no?
Hmm … still on 5.7.12. Where is this highly anticipated Kernel 5.8??? Slowly getting impatient here. 😐



            • Mhm. Hubby tells me Manjaro has the prettiest and bestest KDE implemention. Gnome gurl me is too stupid to enjoy the KDE gudness and for hubby the scrolllbar is too narrrow, so we’re both on the second-most customizable DE, Mate. And we’re very happy with it.

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              • Gnome and MATE (Matay) are good but bland and can break if you start adding eye candy. I found that recently with Mint MATE. Manjaro Gnome is very ugly, I deleted it immediately after I installed it. KDE is better but duplicates about everything. I just use Manjaro as it is a rolling release.

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                • “(Matay)”
                  No. Mateh. Just pronounce it the German, respectively the Spanish way. Matay is too overpronounced.
                  For me it never broke, but admittedly I’m not adding any eye-candy, rather taking stuff away. Super duper stable.

                  And yes, the “real” Gnome (shell, 3.xx) is crapola. Out of the box it misses all the creature comforts. Shitty thing if you’re not a poweruser. 😮


                  • even me as an old seasonded power user am irked by stupid file handling and permissions akwardness, also in manjaro. sometimes, geeks don;t think when they code.

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                    • Oh, the think! Thinking s what they do but most geeks are missing the human factor when they’re thinking, they just can’t empathise. 😦


                    • I wanted to delete a ludicrously large timeshift folder last night and I had to inject some add-ins into Dolphin as the stupid thing didn’t have root. Someone at dolphin didn’t think a linux user sometimes may need root privs for digging in different disk partitions.

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    • I’ll let ya know Neil. You and the millions of other TSB! readers. Am actually checking every time I’m afk for longer than 5 minutes. 😉
      Dunno why actually. I guess most of the new stuff in 5.8 concerns the new AMD Ryzen3 processors, which are still not available in retail but only for system integrators (Tuxedo, Slimbook, System76 etc.). I guess it’s every Arch user’s need to always have the latest shit. 😐

      Anyhoo, Arch-powered Linux computerz will be ready for them.

      And off course you’re on an older kernel, as is normal with Ubuntu-ish distros.


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