Second Life is Weird

Ya, we all know that. But this is a new weirdness I just discovered today:

I rezzed my new Bandit 22LTE for a little testsail and noticed I had no HUD. 😮 Fukn Singularityviewer refused to show the Bandit low-lag floating text hud. Pffff …

So quick chat with TrYC race directrice and boat painter, Bianca, but to no avail. We both come to the conclusion to try Firestorm viewer. Maybe …


And indeed, showing the hud ain’t a problem for FS. See the small floating text by the boom vang? Alas, it won’t render the ocean water of Blake Sea, which looks weird … and fugly. 😦 I check the graphics and try all the tricks in the book – no water for Orcsi. 😦


So I relog in Singularity, and this time it shows the hud quite fine. I just forgot to tell my camera to include huds and GUI, but it is there, I swear. Isn’t that weird? Does it need FS to remind Singu to do its job right?

Now I don’t dare deleting FS. :/

That in the background is supposed to be Fastnet Rock btw, but with the Lenovo’s Intel graphics it just won’t show. Oh my. I want my “good” “gaming” computer back. It’s laughably outdated by now but kinda good enough for SL. Everything will be OK with that thing.



  1. Yeah, I had some weirdness when I started using Alchemy as my daily viewer instead of Firestorm. Firing up Firestorm, then closing that and reopening Alchemy, seemed to fix it. No idea what was happening there, but I suspect the Firestorm Bridge was behind it somehow.

    Most of the time, though, I think it’s just SL regions getting messed up.

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    • I tested in the same Blake Sea regions, Spiffy. My fave Singu done fuked up, my second fave Firefuk done gud but fuked the Linden water. 😦


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