Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams! ;)

Now will you look at this?


Almost 21 AfriWoolongs for 1 €uroWoolong, that’s a new high/low/whatever.

Usually we’re quite happy about every exchange course higher than 1:10 … right now it’s more than twice that rate! 🙂 Yoohoo! That makes hubby and me the richest motherfuckers on the planet! Whoa!

Too bad it doesn’t really work that way. At least not for us. We are 2 people living from the meagre pension of 1. In Germany we’d be the poorest of the poor, here in SA we do ok-ish due to a  mostly favourable currency conversion course and hubby keeping an eye on his waifu’s spending habits. In order to strike riches that way we’d have to exchange more money each month. Much more. Money that we don’t have. :/

But for now it’s not bad and we’re very happy about our buying power. That’s why we commissioned the panel beaters to work their magic on Oubaas right now, as long as the rate is still so good for us.

And of course because he needs some love badly, before he falls apart into a heap of unconnected rusty scraps.




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