Oh Crap! :(

Now look at this shit …


See that? My new neigbours have rezzed a sundeck right in front of my beach! 😮 It’s their good right to do so, because it’s their parcel. Boat rezzing situation was a bit problematic in the first place since I had to dig quite a hole in my beach to make room for a boat but now it’s kinda impossible to rez a boat and sail off into the sunset.

I just set my parcel up for sale. Don’t wanna be here anymore. :/

Only 7,000 Linden Woolongs for a nice prime peace of beachy paradise … wanna buy it?



    • Indeed LOL. 🙂
      Problem is, that part of the end piece of the bay is clearly their land/water (in SL it sadly doesn’t make a difference). And so, since I can’t use my parcel as a boat launch anymore, I’ll sell it off after just a couple days of ownershp. :/


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