EndeavourOS Going Up!

And no 7-day trickery this time, Endeavour made it to rank #18 in the DistroWatch chart fair and square, on its own steam, trending upwards …

The only way is up, baby!

And since Endeavour is such a nice and humble Linux distro for everybody …

… and brought to you by the nicest community, totally for free …

… and it’s so cuddly and nice and …

… just as awesome as you deserve …

… we’re gonna have a little dance party …

… right on your computer screen!

But no shit guys, I kid you not, if you’re already on some other lamer distro, give EOS a chance.

If you’re totally new do your first steps in Mint, Manjaro or Sparky first …

… and join us cool folk later!



    • Once you know what you want the number of just-right distros shrinks to a mere handful … and then further to a single distro. So far my Linux journey led me from Manjaro –> Namib GNU/Linux –> Archman –> Endeavour. Those were the perfect-for-me distro for a while. I loved them all. But I’m not a loyal fangurl. As soon as I find anything better … swoosh and away I go! 🙂

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      • I think nothing of sticking in a different USB and then format………but I had excellent RAIN LTE uncapped but we relocated and I’m about 100m outside of their lovely signal now. So I use whatever ISO’s I have

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