Linux Philosophy: I Don’t Believe in n00bs!

Moarning Tasteful Peepelz

Hey, don’t run away! Plz don’t. I know you’re not interested in that geeky Linux stuff … you’ll never understand all that shit anyway. So why read boring af crappy propaganda articles in a stupid little shitblog?

goodboyExactly for you I write this!

Also for fellow Linux users, for the more hardcore traditional penguins. Because I think they are thinking as wrong as you do. So everybody sit down your bum and fukn read this! Ok?

See, just one or two days ago an idea manifested in my brainthingie. It was slowly brewing in my head, since months. Without me ever noticing I might be onto something here. Maybe even a revolutionary idea? We’ll see … and you’ll be the judge: You supposed n00bs and you old xers as well.

A choice: Windows

You remember I wrote in this blog quite often how mature the Linux environment is these days, and how easy to install and operate. Which is an undeniable fact, everybody must admit. Yes, you too, Karmi! 😉 And since everything is so easy-peasy these days and many timers simpler than your Windows … and you’re using Windows like a pro … shouldn’t you be able to use a reasonable Linux even more pro-like, with even less effort and less problems?

I think so! Really. No, I don’t even merely think so, I fukn KNOW so!

Another choice: Linux Mint

As everybody who installed one of the more hip and fashionable Linux OSes will happily comfirm. Installation of Linux Mint 20? 10 minutes and you’re done. Without any geekery and computer skills. All you need to know is your name. Not even that, your nom de plume, your gangsta name, your avatar name is completely enuff. That’s why Orca Flotta – a pure figment of fantasy – is a long-established user of many Linux distros. Eventhough she doesn’t even have a credit card and is not a good target for ad-campaigns. Because in Linux nobody cares about selling you anything or finding out anything about you.

That aside, back on topic: New Linux users on Mint (for example), how hard was it and how long did it take you to become productive in your new operating system? Not very long, right? Actually the most stuff works just like you knew it from Windows, using mouse and keyboard to achieve the same things, achieve the same stuff, get to more or less the same results.

Letter to granny

Writing a letter to your granny. No need to first purchase MS Office and type in your secret code. You’ve found a complete office suite pre-installed and ready to use directly in the menu. Also a video player, an image manipulation program, a browser, an emailer and many many more. Software worth thousands of Woolongs, all there for you, directly at your fingertipps … and easy to use. Mouse/keyboard does the  trick, you know. 😉

The catch? That’s it!

So what’s the catch, you ask?

Good question. A question that deserves an answer. The catch is that Linux (Mint or otherwise) ain’t Microsoft Windows. *Shriek!* Yes, I know. Shocking. Neither is it Apple’s MacOS. *Gasp!* 😮

So, but now the good thing, hear the gleeful message of joy: It doesn’t matter! Not being WinMac doesn’t mean it must be more complicated than those two behemoths of the computing world.

Different, yes!

Harder, no!

You after 5 minutes on Linux Mint

Of course you can typing on the novel of the 21st century 5 minutes after you’ve completed the install of your Linux distro, yes, but don’t expect you’re such an expert as you’ve become in the last 30 years of using various Microsoft and Apple products. That would be absurd. Linux is all sorts of cool, even kinda magical, but sorry to inform you: My Little Pony isn’t real. Unicorns, yes, every time and every day. But unicorns aren’t as magical as My Litte Ponys’ friendship. For now we gotta do with the friendship and light magick touch of Linux … which is more than  enough. Believe me.

Not all unicorns are magic
Don’t. Please don’t.

But I digress. Back in medias res: As we’ve established already, Linux ain’t WinMac, it is its own thing. Not worse but better, easier to grasp for human beings, penguins and unicorns as well. You  don’t need to be clever to learn/get used to it, you don’t need to be a geek to understand the file system. In Win/Mac you’re dealing with much more complex shit every fukn day, so please allow yourself to do some stupid mistakes in the beginning, give yourself some days/weeks/months, depending on your usage.

In so far I really don’t believe in n00bs, I don’t believe in you having devolutionized into little toddlers when you installed Linux on your computer. You’re still the awesome, more or less competent, adult computer user you’ve been 10 minutes ago.

You’re good. But are you an expert? Do you have to be?

But you’re even better than 10 minutes ago. You’ve installed a Linux distro on your computer! That means something. You’ve done something 97% of worldwide computer users have never done and will never achieve. But you did it! And let me tell you, this was already the most hard part, the crux, the make-it-or-break-it hurdle on the way to your Linux success story.

Those were the days

You’re not a n00b! The last time you was a n00b was when you switched on your first computer, 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. Since then you’ve been a new user various times. For example every time Microsoft came up with a new Windows version. And you managed to make yourself homely in those environments.

It’s even easier than generation jumps in Windows, since you can choose or customize a desktop environment that fits you like a glove. Pretty personal stuff here. But not important in the first few days. You get your standard Mint with Cinnamon DE and I promise you’ll be a success in that environment. You may choose to go on and develop further, create your own habitat, or stick with where you are now and just enjoy your Linux as it is. Because, admitttedly, it’s  not bad. Pretty darn good actually.

How the Linux community sees themself

And that’s why I don’t believe in n00bs! Not in their existence and not in the necessity to shower them in special care and chaperone them around and give them all the prefabricated care bears like they are toddlers.

An even better choice: EndeavourOS
How the Linux community sees you

And once you got behind that concept, once you accepted the fact that you’re not a teenager and Linux ain’t your prom ball sweetheart, you’re ready to take your own decisions. Once you’ve accepted that you’re a fully formed adult, responsible for your own actions, you’ll see – already after a few days – there is no danger in trying out an ArchLinux derivative. The super friendly Endeavour springs to mind. Going from 3 desktops to 9 or so. In that range I’m quite sure you’ll find the legendary glove-like fitting desktop, the one for you. 😉

Not Windows: Your Linux will fit you like a glove



  1. You tube Switch to Linux is an endeavour fan too. Mints still floating my boat atm. I’ve not turned on my W10 laptop for over 4 months now, it will probably update for days, unless it to gets minted.

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    • “You tube Switch to Linux is an endeavour fan too.”
      For good reason. 🙂

      “Mints still floating my boat atm.
      Mint is a great system, no question about it. But in the long run it’s still just a Ubuntu under the hood. And I’m not too keen on installing a new version every 6 months and all that petty Ubuntu stuff.

      “I’ve not turned on my W10 laptop for over 4 months now,”
      Good to hear, Neil. That means you don’t need Windows, you’re over it! 🙂 It’s like quitting smoking or drinking, isn’t it?

      “it will probably update for days, unless it to gets minted.”
      … or Arched, with Endeavour. =^.^= Try it out, it won’t hurt. And you’ll find your Cinnamon in Endeavour as well. Probably a totally bog standard version without any customization but at least it’s there.


  2. Yes, you too, Karmi!

    Baloney. Linux is a keyboard based OS (some Distros like your beloved EndeavorOS brag about it), and so was DOS – anyone remember DOS? Well, Linux is sorta the newer version of the combo of DOS ‘n Windows 3.1. Ditto on the “Well” … well, except DOS ‘n Windows 3.1 had mastered the simple scroll/wheel mouse – Linux, after almost 30 years still hasn’t mastered the simple scroll/wheel mouse. Still ‘Stuck on the Keyboard‘…so to speak. Some Distros like Ubuntu, Ubuntu-based, Puppy, CentOS and Fedorav are excellent portable desktop OSes … Distros like Arch ‘n ‘Archies‘ are buggy Toy OSes.The specialty Distros like Kodachi ‘n Kali that focus on specialties rather than the desktop are also fine…did I say how bad Arch ‘n ‘Archies‘ are at hardware recognition? Terrible!

    You can buy a legal WIN10 Pro license from software sites like URcdkey for less than $30…well, if you use old computers just go with Ubuntu or a Ubuntu-based OS, i.e. WIN10 needs new hardware.

    If you use the mouse a lot, then forget it scrolling more than 1.5 lines or so on Linux – the keyboard is quicker at scrolling under Linux. Forget auto-scrolling in Linux…

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    • That should be – “1.5 lines” per mouse click…Linux doesn’t offer a setting for how many lines you want per click. Well, it will do about 1.5 lines per click…spend the day scrolling down one page!

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    • “Linux is a keyboard based OS”
      Baloney. 🙂 We enjoy the mouse or keyboard-centric operation, depending on the desktop environment/window manager we install, not on the base system. If I install Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie or similar desktops I’m in mouse territory, same as in WinMac environments. If otoh I install Gnome 3.xx, or any WM I’m in keyboard heaven. Simple as that. Choice is ours.

      “EndeavorOS brag about it”
      Yes. And nobodxy knows why exactly. And I’m too lazy to look it up.

      “still hasn’t mastered the simple scroll/wheel mouse”
      You make this ridiculous claim now for the umpteenth time and I and most other Linux users don’t even know what you’re on about. Up to now all my mice, various brands, cheap and expensive, wireless and wired are working well to specifications.

      “did I say how bad Arch ‘n ‘Archies‘ are at hardware recognition? Terrible!”
      Only that isn’t true. Since Arch and Arch-based distros are always on the latest kernel they are the best Linuxes for new hardware. Since they can handle the latest drivers.

      “forget it scrolling more than 1.5 lines”
      When I loosen the raster, I can scroll through 30 – 50 pages with one swift flick of the index finger. It’s totally much too fast. With one click I scroll somewhere in between 1 and 2 lines. Same as it always was, in Windows and Mac as well.


      • Actually, in Windows there are a *LOT* of mouse settings that you clearly have no clue about – being Stuck on a Keyboard OS. For example, mouse settings that offer vertical scrolling from 1 – 100 line/s per notch click (also an option for 1 screen at a time). How about horizontal scrolling…have you ever heard of that? Tilt the wheel ‘n scroll left or right from 1 – 100 characters at a time. Linux is a keyboard OS (like I said) so it (and apparently you) don’t/doesn’t know about horizontal scrolling either, or more than 1.5 – 2 lines per notch scrolling or even about auto-scrolling.

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        • “being Stuck on a Keyboard OS”
          Again: I don’t use Gnome3 (or Gnome Shell as they call it) but use my Linuxes in exactly the same way as I did my Windows and Mac computers. Just having an additonal, an optional Terminal to type in some commands, doesn’t make any Linux a keyboard OS. The new Linux user, when starting out on Mint/Cinnamon, with some luck, won’t even know there is a terminal available. And honestly, I would be lost since I don’t know any Ubuntu terminal commands, and only a handful of the nifty Arch commands. Even doing my updates per mouse.

          “mouse settings that offer vertical scrolling from 1 – 100 line/s per notch click”
          Who would ever use such a nonsense setting? Can I please have a split second to read the document before you swoosh to line 100?

          “Linux is a keyboard OS (like I said)”
          … too often. Repetition legitimizes hardly ever (and even if, it’s exclusively in American politics LOL). But yes, Linux started out as a keyboard OS … not even an OS but just a command line thingie for use on terminals, connected to a mainframe computer … like its grandpa Unix. But it evolved and is today far better and more versatile than amateurish WinMac. Stating Linux is a keyboard OS in 2020 makes as much sense as saying Windows is nothing but just DOS with a mouse function.

          “horizontal scrolling…have you ever heard of that?”
          Yes, and used it. And I’m quite sure I could do it in Linux as well … but fortunately my distros are perfectly scaled so I hardly ever come into contact with any documents that want me to scroll sideways even wider than my 16×9 screen ratio.


          • Like I’ve said – Linux has never mastered the basic scroll/wheel mouse. Most computer users like to use all the functions a mouse offers…besides having a pointer and the ability to scroll 1.5 – 2 lines per click. Just one of many many reasons that Linux has remained at 2% of Desktop user market for decades…

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            • Sorry, but that is total bullshit.

              Scrolling 1.5 -2 lines per click is the optimal ratio for reading through documents and large text files. Obviously. Else the mouse manufacturers would make their sensors even more hi dpi. Because that defines the range of your scroll, not the OS.

              My mice are mostly behaving differently from model to model. Gaming mice have higher dpi for more speed, allround office mice have lower dpi for more accuracy. Good mice have different dpi settings to choose from on the go. At least my older Logitech mice had those settings.



              And again this has nothing to do with the OS. If you miss anything in Linux it’s because the manufacturers were too lazy to make drivers for Linux.


  3. hehe funny reading the comments 🤣🤣🤣
    I believe linux based distros are mouse driven .. never had any mouse problem in any distro.
    And I also like horisontal scrolling ..
    Sometimes it need some reading before you get all your settings before you have it like you want (then you have learned something )
    That’s why I like arch/gentoo based distros, you get control and you get to understand how a computer works.

    I also had some problems when I started to use linux (slackware was my first try)

    Remember when I finally got it to boot and should try to install some apps.. downloaded the program a wanted and got some mouse problem too .. didn’t understand why it didn’t start to install when I double clicked on the icon …..

    Then i I started to read the RTFM.

    And my linux journey started 😆

    Hope you get a nice journey too 💓


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    • Thanks //rZn, I’m on that journey since late 2013 and mostly enjoyed it wholeheartedly. I’m not so much into learning computer stuff, I’m a user and have better shit to do on my computers than just fixing stuffz. That’s one of the reasons why I left Win and joined Linux: Less admin labour, less shit to worry about. Depending on the distro “shit just works!”

      If some distro doesn’t work for me I kick it in the bin and install something nicer. I will rather hang dead across a fence than diving deep into sys files.

      Best distro I’ve ever experienced is EndeavourOS. I love the simplicity of Arch, paired with the Calamares installer. Oh, and despite their unfortunate claim to be terminal centric distro, you can use the mouse in the same way as in every oher Linux distro. And I never had any mouse troubles in Linux neither. It’s always the play kiddoes like Karmi who have hardware incompability problems. I guess it stems from too much experimenting and doing stuff to ones computer one shouldn’t do. 😉 I just install my system, spend 5 minutes on making it nice and useful for me, half an hour to install and deinstall some softwares and then I never touch it again. Only doing the updates. Never have a problem.


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