Prison: Day 132


Remember what auntie Orcsi always said?

Failure to launch. 😦

Yes, right: Don’t try the second step before the first. That’s what I always say when you talk about ease of the lockdown and getting the economy going. But does anybody actually listen to me? No of course not. Orca’s no medical expert and the Norwegians are so super cool and super duper clever and have the nicest cruises (if you like ice and freezing cold) and all is fine and … Øøøøpsala! 😮

Trap, didn’t you just tell me Norway doesn’t have a lockdown? And, yes, I can see that. And why. A huge icey country with only 3 inhabitants doesn’t need to take any special measures, social distancing is a credo the norsemen are living by since the stone age … but not on their cruise ships FFS!!! 😮 Ships are hermetically sealed breading grounds for all sorts of bacteria, perfect for explosive outbreaks of all kinds of infectious sicknesses. Among them the new darling of the masses, our dear Corona. 😦

Look, people …

Pretty moving graphic, almost like laserpointer. =^.^=

… this is graphic, showing you where Covid-19 is wurst. You can even click on it and get the latest numbers n shit. And this …


Think this is an excellent time to party?

… doesn’t look good. Sorry, I see the numbers increasing each and every day. It’s infected and dead people. People like you and I. Yesterday seemingly healthy, today a sweaty puddle, fighting for air, tomorrow … 😮

As much as I can understand that people get bored, and many fighting for their income, their jobs, their businesses … while others are fighting for their very lifes in some godforsaken, badly supplied hospitals.

It’s not my business to tell anyone what to do. All I can do is ask you, beg you, to be aware, to be mindful of others and be like little Bills and Teds and be excellent to each other!


And that starts by being excellent to yourself! Sanitize, wash your hands, wear your masks, and – if at all possible – stay home!

Laterz duderettes and duderinos



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