You on Mac?

Doesn’t matter, don’t be sad. Please don’t cry bitter teaars of disappointment when Apple declares your fancy machine as obsolete, but look into a better, a brighter future.

Linux doesn’t discriminate. Linux accepts everybody. Yes, even Macianers. Look. Read. Come on over! 🙂

Your hardware is already adorable, now you only need a decent OS. 🙂

Read that? “So much faster”, “nothing ever crashes”, “runs like a dream”. Sooooo … what are you waitin’ for?



    • Tee hee, hubby is busy researching Proton VPN right now. Because our recent VPN ZenMate is based in Duitsland and not as trustworthy as Proton, which is a Swiss company. Are you with Proton VPN?

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        • I know hunny. Oh, do I know. 😐 That’s why a couple years ago I scribbled some “my hate for Apple” posts but this isn’t exciting enough anymore. A company that does everything possible to focus the collected hate of the whole world upon itself doesn’t make a good target for mockery anymore. 😦

          But the machines used to be so adorable! Put Linux on and have the best of both worlds. =^.^=

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  1. I’m definitely looking at how much of the stuff I do can be handled by Linux. I will probably be dual-booting for the time being, however, as there’s some things that I can only really do with macOS or Windows (for now).

    Having used both of those operating systems extensively over the last two decades, I’m not really a fan of either of them. They both suck, just in different ways. So I do as much as I can to not be reliant on either Apple or Microsoft.

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    • “how much of the stuff I do can be handled by Linux.”

      And that’s exactly the crux of the problem. And I have no answer since I really don’t use any specialized software … apart from my SL viewer, and that werkz fantastico.
      How about you tell me what you wanna achieve and maybe I have some hints about what Linux softwarez you can use for that.
      I say that coz dual booting Lin/Win is not recommended, since MS is such an insanely jealous bish, it can wipe your Linux partition clear and empty in the next update. 😮


      • It’s not just a case of replacing apps, alas. For better or worse, I still need Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365 — not out of choice, but because I need to be able to both use documents that others have created and produce documents that others can use. And yes, I’m aware of the danger of dual-booting from the same drive, hence why I’ve installed Linux Mint 20 onto a separate drive.

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        • I have no idea what Adobe Creative Cloud is but MS Office 365 is easily replaced by Libre Office, almost 100% compatible. You can read and write in Micosofts’s .doc format, no prob.

          BTW, .doc is MS’s own proprietary format, and they behaving like it is, doesn’t really make it an industry standard. All just smoke and mirrors by Microsoft aholes and clueless customers. If there is any standard for text documents it’s Rich Text Format .rtf.


          • Oh, I know all about Microsoft Office document formats – nearly 20 years of tech support ensured that. Alas, the reason I still need to keep it around is because of that ‘almost 100%’ part – I’ve been stung by that in the past. 😛

            Adobe Creative Cloud is subscription service if you want to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or other graphics / web design software from Adobe. I’ve almost weaned myself off of those, but knowing my luck I may need them again in the future, cos they’re ‘industry standard’. 😛

            You can probably tell that I’m not a fan of either of those. Trust me, I only open those apps when I absolutely have to.

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            • For Photoshop replacement we have GIMP in Linux.
              And the Office stuff, whoa! Must be some VERY specific shit in those documents, if Libre can’t do it.


              • I’ve had Word documents created on one computer display completely differently on another computer, and that was using the same version of Word, and the same OS on both computers! So yeah, I personally don’t rely on proprietary document formats if I possibly can, and *always* make sure I save a copy as PDF for archival.

                I’ll give GIMP and LibreOffice a go, see how well they work for me. I already use some open-source stuff in my Mac toolbox — VLC, Audacity, Handbrake, Calibre, etc. — so it’s mainly going to be retraining that muscle memory.

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