Prison: Day 129

Mornin’ peepel,

your trusty correspondent done fuked up. Last couple days I was super duper lazy, let many chances for good stories slip thru my fingers, neglected house and garden, just sat semi-comatose at my workdesk, and did … nothing. 😦

And this didn’t help neither:


RocketNet obviously had quite enough of lockdown measures and stopped their free double speed gift punctually at 0:00 on August 1. So we’re back on 20/20 now. 😦

In my browser heaps of bookmarks are piling up, each of them a probably blogworthy story, in my Watched Movies file the same happens with the latest flicks that still wait for an O@tM treatment. Good times for blogging me. So why don’t I get at it, why ain’t I busy and dilligently blogging like I always do?

Over 8,000 deaths. 😮

Guess slowly the whole fukn lockdown thing rubs off on me. Eventhough at this time we hardly feel the lockdown anymore. Apart from wearing masks and curfew at 22:00 at night, everything is kind back to normal. Well, kinda. Kids and parents mostly sitting at home, schools, many companies and offices and still closed or ppl are working from home. But during the day we can move around freely, and the name for this column is pure mockery. I’ve gotta excuse to all real inmates of real prisons for being so insensitive. :/

Plateauing? Really? Ok then it’s good news I guess.

And that curfew thing? Goodness, what reasonably white person, interested in surviving, would be in the streets at 22:00 … in winter? At that time the dark continent lives up to its name and the only people outside are drunken and drugged natives anyway. I don’t feel a desire to mix and mingle with those folks.

Meanwhile many SAfricans are discovering the upsides of working from home. Look:

Atypical for this country: Ppl are worried and work better

If everybody’s so busy and eagerly working, why am I so sluggish and inert? You tell me!

Ooooh guys, pleez don’t fall into the same hole as me, go find your own. 😉 Or, better, don’t fall into any hole but stay positive and happy. I know the situation is shitty but this, too, shall pass.

Stay healthy, stay hungry, stay sexy and install many Linux distros. 🙂





  1. Apparently, with SA showing the start of a plateau in COVID-cases in The Netherlands,, where COVID had previously decreased rapidly, it is now coming up again. The people got too confident with the thing being over I guess.

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    • omFg! 😦
      I always considered you Dutchies as Europe’s most cool and adult nation. Now relax the lockdown just a little and ppl start mass sex orgies in the streets. 😮

      See, we don’ have to be afraid of the second wave if we just go directly from first wave into a global extinction scenario. I mean, ok, I can talk wisely. Never leaving the house, never socialize, we’re not endangered by all this.

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  2. Smoking a cigarette protects you more from dying of China Virus than those ridiculous masks that Govt ‘n progressives force people to wear…apparently a cigarette does better than the 0-67% filtering that 99.9% of the masks. That’s from recent Lancet Covid report…

    Anyway, just noticed that Orca has 499,188 views … surely this group of Totalitarianism supporters can get the views over 500,001 today!

    There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century.
    – E. Nuff Said

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    • Mornin’ Karmi.
      As a heavy ex-smoker I’m not so sure about the health benefits of ciggies. Feeling so much better now that I beat the habit. I guess the best protection against airborn virae is putting some sort of filter over your mouth and nose. Not inhaling additional nicotine. And anyhoo, the masks are not supposed to protect us but the ppl around us – from us! Small but important difference.

      I’m not in support of gov’mts forcing ppl to do anything btw. I’d be in self-quarantine/lockdown and wearing my mask when out and about anyway. Because I can. I guess everybody should do their possible best to avoid spreading of the virus and not be counterproductive. But if you don’t, I’m the last to cause a stink. Just keeping my social distance and leave you alone.

      Thx for reminding me of the 499,xxx clix on my blawg. I didn’t notice. Think I’ll get a prezzie from WordPress once I break the wall? And in reality I passed that mark already a while ago. Thar She Blows! started life on Google’s Blogspot platform and was there from 2011 – 2013/14 or so.

      I don’t know if you can’t read or have comprehension deficits or sumfink but I’ll happily oblige and repeat for the dozenth time:
      “Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism”
      1) never came to pass because humans (/me spits out) are too compromised and selfish
      2) started out with huge hopes for better future, defeated monarchy, imperialism and nazism but was handled wrongly, failed and is mostly gone now. Still proven best way to defeat Hitler’s Nazis and essentially won WW2
      3) we see it done in America right now. About to implode soon, hopefully not taking its willing host down with it
      4) coming and going in many countries, fortunately never lasts long. I guess Spain holds the record: 1939 – 1975
      5) is a way to live by; a credo, not a political direction

      BTW, my latest blog subheader “Repetition legitimizes” was not a statement per se, but pure sarcasm

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