1. Whoa… this was double-horrifying in non-web view cause the graphics were super f-ed up but the audio and closed captions were fine.

    Yesterday I saw that the whole of Japan, currently debating re-closure, has approximately as many C19 cases and deaths as my city. An entire country… vs my city.

    “Trump 2020 – Fuck You” is right!!

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    • I wonder if the Trump admin sometimes take a look out of their wallets but at the rest of the world, and checks on how other countries (“shitholes”) are dealing with the Covid situation? Particularly checking up on China and notice how they are holding the infection rate flat, or how the kiwis managed to end the pandemic, or what Spain did to get the spread under control, contrary to their neighbour Italy, who – as per usual – sinks down in a catastrophe. The next change of gov’mt is already a sure thing there.


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