Patch Linden’s Speech at the Opening Ceremony of a Virtual Gen Con Experience in Second Life!

Huh? I have no idea. Neither about Gen Con nor about what Second Life or Linden Lab’s gotta do with it. Sumfink about table top gaming or shit. But the event is obviously a big thing, else they wouldn’t have made a video about it, right?

gencon-1Join us on Thursday, July 30th at 9am PT/SLT for the VRazeTheBar Kickoff Event with a speech from Patch Linden!
One thing is clear tho: In times of a global pandemic and events cancelled  and called off all over the place, virtual worlds like for example SL, suddenly start to make a lot of sense. Does it really need a life threatening situation for people to finally see SL’s real usefulness?
I’m asking remembering the many totally failed attempts by corporate to start something in SL, in 07/08. They tried to push product. How stupid, trying to sell RL products in SL. And useless. We already got more than enough mail-order shops were you can buy stuff from simple and fast, without having to get anSL account first and making an avatar.
No, no, no, SL’s real use is in conferencing, in meetings that are a tad more realistic than just talking to faces on your computer screen.
In so far I can see what’s the big deal is with GenCon in Second Life.
… and that reminds me, we must urgently buy some Linux apparel from some distro websites.
/me swooshes off …

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