Funny but Expensive :o

LOL. Found this face mask in Manjaro’s swag shop …

Absolutely correct  but …

13,49 €! Thirteenfourtyfuckingnine €urowoolongs. That’s like … 16 American Doller$. For a single cheapo facemask that doesn’t even say “BTW, I use a kinda wannabe Arch”?

Datz too steep, dontcha think?

Oh, sorry. They just couldn’t refuse and actually made a BTW mask …


That’s even very humble to print Manjaro so small … or are they ashamed?




  1. Haha, that’s something “typical” funny I saw in a while.
    And, I checked online, not many online shopping sites are selling these!

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  2. ORLY? Shit man, they take from the living what they can’t get from the dead. I only have one heavily overpriced FFP1 mask, that cost me ~2.50€. And the pharmacy I bought it from, just got a slap on the wrist by gov’mt for price hiking. The thin surgeon masks are much cheaper and I guess the fashion masks should be even cheaper that that. But otoh we must not forget that with every purchase we’re supporting a Linux project. So one should expect to pay a bit more when buying Manjaro swag. But 16 fukn Amerikanskis??? Come on! 😦


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