Battle of the Giants

Linux for adults! Can you take it when the big boys battle it out in Tom’s laboratory?

Manjaro vs EndeavourOS:

Today we will look at two arch-based distros. #Manjaro is a fine distro and my choice for new Arch users to get up and running, but #EndeavourOS is quickly becoming one of my favorite installers. Let’s compare the two on #DistroWars!



00:00 Introduction

04:07 Manjaro

08:49 Endeavour

14:20 Conclusion

Orca’s totally messed up and personal, subjective opinion: This is the pinnacle of Linux on the laptop, the big boys, the tops of the pops. This ain’t Neverland vs Taka-Tuka-Land, this is USA vs Russia level of epicness!

For all the reasons Tom mentions I come to a totally different conclusion: For me Endeavour wins in all aspects. Except, maybe for the themeing and completeness and new user friendlyness. Endeavour expects the user to know what they want and how to quickly “build” their system according to their own needs, while Manjo gives you  a complete out of the box experience. And Manjo holds back new updates for a week or two, while Endeavour sends you everything the very moment it’s coming down the line.

manjaroendeavourMy experience: On Mate and other community desktops, Manjaro’s updates often failed and sent me down a spiral of døøm 😮 while Endeavour’s pure Arch repo almost never fails delivery and installation. 😉

It’s just two different philosphies, there ain’t a winner per se since both are top at what they do. If you wanna have a Minty-like experience with a hint of Arch, Manjaro is for you, if you’re an adult and wanna smell the real ArchLinux, your way leads you, logically, to Endeavour.

Both distros come with your fave Cinnamon, not as standard flagship desktop (there both go with the stupid Xfce) but the good Cin can be found and chosen before downloading/installation of the ISO. Look at them both before you make up your mind and decide on your experience. Manjaro’s is 100% more prettier, Endeavour’s is basic as all fuk and leaves the job of beautification to you and  your skills.

The bitchy one

You can’t go wrong with either of them. Manjo offers better accessability for new users, but also chaperones you and orders you to bed when you woz a nasty grrl. Endeavour is closer to vanilla Arch, and total freedom and leaves you the hell alone.

And that, ladies and gents, is the beauty of Linux: There is no right and wrong here, there is only a universe of choices … and your personal taste and fancy.

The pure one

Me? Come on, I’m over the moon happy if you at least install any Linux at all and join us good peeps on the freedom side. It’s just that many users of this blog are already on Linux Mint and can give you some aid and support.

The friendly one


    • “because of Manjo.”
      Two little assholes get into a petty internet fight … and you drop your OS?

      “Because that is the bootable media I had handy.”
      Had you kept your fukn Manjo alive for a second longer you could’ve downloaded a dozen new ISOs and put on USB sticks for endless hours of installation fun. 🙂


      • I don’t have bandwidth. And stupid Manjo repeatedly booted into a frozen desktop. Now, in between birds and bees in a remote nature reserve, where do I download? It is not the city where Rain falls all day. It took me all of today to download RebornOS.

        Liked by 1 person

        • “took me all of today”

          Get out of there, rejoin civilisation!
          Ever since we have fibre our lifes totally changed. Hubby and me both get full speed on our respective machines, and we can download full speed on another. Uncapped, no resource sharing. 🙂

          That’s better than watching the birds and the bees and the trees …

          And Reborn … really?

          When I checked it, like a month ago, it wasn’t ready for the primetime. Better go with Endeavour for the time being.


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