Second Life Destinations – Sudden Stop Furry Sandbox

Don’t laugh. Even if it’s hard to grasp for most of us normies, these anthros are showing us what SL, at its very core, is all about!

Hanging out in a sandbox (in 2020 ffs!), looking like nothing and nobody else, this is the spirit of a Second Life we all thought was long gone and forgotten.

Anthropomorphism, the attribution of human traits, emotions, and cognitive abilities to non-human entities, has appeared in art and storytelling in various cultures throughout history. As a vehicle for the expression of self in three-dimensional form, it comes as no surprise that Second Life has established itself as the most diverse universe for Anthropomorphic Residents to congregate and celebrate their diversity.
Luskwood, a popular treehouse-themed region founded by Eltee Statosky, was one of the first places to become an Anthro hotspot and has inspired many others, as well as the Anthro avatar design company of the same name.
Lincesa Pawpad and her friend Craftish created Sudden Stop Furry Sandbox to provide a friendly place for discussion and recreation, and the low lag makes this a great place to create and share builds. A peaceful environment is maintained by strict rules against griefing and harassment (moderators are on call to step in should a conflict arise) so that Anthropomorphic Residents from all backgrounds can hang out as authentic extensions of themselves.
Don’t worry if you have trouble entering this region: Sudden Stop is a homestead, meaning it can only hold 25 people at once, 5 of which must be premium. However, it is definitely worth a potential wait. Lincesa Pawpad says of Sudden Stop: “I consider and treat Sudden stop like it’s my home, but it is open to the public for people to use and hang out at.”
slsuddenstopAlso called Furries as an umbrella term for this diverse community, Anthro personas can appear as real life animals, extant or extinct, or take a cue from mythology or imagination. Just like human avatars, their personal style can adopt themes from other role-playing communities, like Goth or Fantasy. Ritzu Clawtooth aptly calls them “walking art,” and Sudden Stop is proud to bring people together in the liberated form of non-traditional representations.
Check out the awesome Anthro Avatars available today if you’d like to visit a Furry friendly region, although everyone is welcome.
Video: Draxtor Despres


  1. While I’m not a furry, I love the creativity, personality and sheer colourfulness of all the avatars in that video. 🙂 As a blue rainbow speckled alien, I’m of course somewhat biased, but I think more folks should explore the full range of ways you can customise your appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most of us are quite happy customizing our human forms and becoming a superduper optimized ideal version of ourselves.


  2. While I liked Sudden Stop in the past their recent decision to now only allow PIOF users in made me stop using it with all of my accounts. I don’t know exactely what it is but something about snobs just makes me feel uncomfortable around them. It does not matter wether they are furries or normals: snobs stay snobs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HiFi! 🙂
      I guess they did it coz they think PIOFs are less likely to create havoc and be shitheads. I only go to premium sandboxes (coz I can) and never had any stress with unruly elements in those. That’s not snobby, that’s ppl who just wanna build in peace and quiet. 😐


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