Prison: Day 126

Good early morning, my beautiful children

Look, a bunny:


Hubby found this photo on the interwebz and immediately thought of … me. Dunno why. ^.^ So he installed the photo right on my computer while I was resting on the couch behind him. Quite cute, no?

Dreaming of better times: Oubaas at the panelbeater’s

And tomorrow – actually today since I write this at 06:54 a.m. – I’ll have a thorough talk with the panelbeater and we’re gonna arrange everything. Finally, after 3.5 years, something will be done to turn this spectacularly fuked up plonker into a funny little ice cream holiday van. 🙂 Really looking forward to that.

Instead of derusting the whole roof, cut it off and put a fugly bakkie canopy on as high top?

But that’s about it with the good news. Let’s not forget the overall bad time we live in. Not just with the USA and the NATO mafia running amok around the world but there’s also this certain virus thingie:

IOL couldn’t find a new stock photo?

Want some more bad mood news?

Not as bad as USA, Russia, Brazil, India but still bad. 😦

No flattening of the curve, no relaxation … and yet people are talking about the second wave. :/ If we go on like this there won’t be a second wave but it will just get wurse and wursterer. It will all be one giant spiral of doom. Hmm, maybe I should show some responsibility and not talk to the panel beaters today … 😐

Ugh, no, Imma wear a mask, I’m fit and – apart from some cold syndroms – healthy, and everything will be fine.

No, silly white bish, everything will NOT BE FINE! 😦

Guys, do me and yourself a favour and be excellent to yourself and everyone around you.

Let’s survive this shit!




  1. Oh how I’ve loved today’s pouty face comments from Cheeto, all jealous about people’s love for, and trust of, Dr Fauci not automatically translating to adoration of him. Sadly, he literally does not understand why that’s so.

    I found out my zip code has the 2nd highest covid rate in my city, with the zip just S of me is #1. I had weird body things going on last week which further ramped up my paranoia. I check my pulse ox about 10x a day (already had a monitor and it has hit “see a doctor” level several times).


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    • “he literally does not understand why that’s so.”
      He doesn’t understand why ppl wanna live instead of dying for their president’s vanity project? He doesn’t understand why ppl put more trust in truthful experts over a lying pos who changes his opinions and politics almost hourly, depending on the audience?
      Ya, it’s hard to grasp indeed. :/

      “has hit “see a doctor” level several times”
      And? What did the doctor say?
      Oh, let me guess, you didn’t go. Coz no sufficient health insurance and no instinct of self-preservation? 😦

      But, you’re right, High pulse/blood pressure doesn’t need a professional medic to tell you this: Girl, you gotta change your ways! Swing your ass off the couch, go out, walk for at least half an hour, every fukn day! Along the beach is nice. Control your breathing, in and out thru the nose. You won’t suffocate but get used to it. Don’t use elevators, only stairs, join a gym. In your freedom country they are still open, no? Don’t kill yourself with weights n macho stuff, join a water aerobics class. I know it’s for senior citizens, but you see more and more young folks, like mid-50s me, doing it as well. I do it too, almost every day. It’s good for your joints and makes you fit and you won’t even get out of breath or something. It’s a good program for overall fitness and you won’t be totally spent afterwards.


      • Ah, you’ll be happy to know that I started using my crappy “under desk” elliptical as a standing elliptical trainer. The angle is hard my ankles but it’s working out well… the resistance that made it impossible for sitting use has made it perfect for standing use.

        Despite getting very fit several times in life, and knowing all the life/death dangers of being a fat slob, exercising really does not come naturally to me.

        The pandemic is causing me to eat better! I don’t understand why but ordering groceries online causes me to get more fruits & veggies. And now that I’m getting food stamps, I’m willing to pay redonk prices for such items.

        Of course I didn’t see a doc. Not so much due to the healthcare system as a knowing, from tons of experience, that they wouldn’t find anything. In fact, with the low pulse ox they might have feared C19 and refused to see me. I’m monitoring myself. If things reach a true point of concern, I’ll at least get a telemed consultation.

        Cheeto literally feels that because his admin “employs” Dr Fauci, people’s approval of the doc should carry over to him & his admin, despite all the times his insulted or countered the doc. It’s stunning to have such blatant proof of his inability to recognize, or even recall, his own behavior. I really don’t have much hope of him losing the election. Biden will announce his female VP choice next week (doesn’t mean she’ll accept). That may give him a boost. But now we’re facing the prospect of losing anti-Trump votes to Kanye’s insane campaign. He won’t win but he might take a lot of votes. Cause what’s one more nut job at this point???

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        • “I can’t afford it anyway.”

          See it as an investment. An investment in your health and wellbeing. Money well spent if you ask me.


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