A Quick Peek at EndeavourOS LXQt

Since years I install and do test runs with the LXQt desktop and its predecessor LXDE already with other base distros, first of all the excellent Ubuntu-fork LSLE. And last I guess in Lubuntu. And always I came to the conclusion that this simple desktop is serviceable beyond its supposed use case … but still not comfortable enough and too anemic for this spoiled brat.

First screenshot, as always immediately after installation. But no fear, LXQt offers kinda nothing in terms of customization, so nothing much will change here.

But out of boredom I tried it again, a few days ago. This time as a part of Endeavour’s vast catalogue of installable environments. Just to look if LXQt added some pizzaz to the old LXDE desktop.

What I like about such lightweight desktops is how sparse the menu is populated with user software. Want some nice programs – you gotta install them yourself. No ballast, no bloat!
Initial update is also a bit more labour intensive than in Mate. But doable and only costs you, like, 2 seconds more.
File manager is simple but works fast and flawlessly.

Two hearts are  beating in my chest. LXQt, same as LXDE, is nothing I’d ever use as long as I have access to reasonably fast computers. But I really like how it’s done and the looks and the easy peasy usage … and how speedy it works. That’s maybe the reason why I unpack this desktop every now and again, have a little fun with it and put it away again.

Installation of warpinator, and transfer from Gaga over to GagaMore is no problem at all.

But now we already have the next candidate waiting for its turn. I wanna see how the pretty new distro RebornOS (another Arch derivative) handles your favourite desktop environment – Cinnamon. Really looking forward to that one.

Weird: Compared to Mate’s standard screensavers LXQt gives us heavyweight graphically intricate screensvers, like here for example some fishies. But it’s no problem, as long as the screensaver is busy saving the screen, no user is busy using the computer. =^.^=



    • As I wrote I look at LXQt every now and then, just to play a bit with it … and then enjoy the creature comforts of Mate and Cinnamon again. 🙂 I really considered to use LXQt on OrcNet, my little underpowered netbook, but always came to the conclusion it’s too much of a sacrifice for this spoiled brat. Now I’m running the same Endeavour Mate on OrcNet as on my serious bigger production machines. Needs a long time to start up but runs good from then on.

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