You! Must! Buy! This!

You want this!

Me too. 😉

Available in Germany and neighbour countries.

AMD is on a winning streak right now and Intel’s given itself up. Even on the mobile market, that was domineered by Intel, AMD is coming up with the most adorable mobile CPUs. And it’s the smaller boutique builders which are on the forefront of the revolution, since they are small and flexible enough and don’t have gazillions of old Intel silicon stocked they must sell first.

So little German Tuxedo Linux specialist is the first to sell the brandspanking new Ryzen 4000 generation of procis. Look the specs:

No need to shell out for the probably more expensive Manjaro-branded version!
Feel your pulse ryzing!

Me, I sooooo want this thing! Naaaw, only once they come out with a smaller, 12″ – 14″ version.

All of this power somehow fits into a svelte laptop (made of magnesium alloy, no less) that is a mere 16.8 mm thick and weighs a comparatively light 1.5 Kg.

Plus a backlit keyboard, Tux key (d’aww) and the usual smattering of ports, connectivity, and (praise be) a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

TUXEDO Computers say the battery of the Pulse 15 is good for up to 20 hours running idle on low brightness, and around 10 hours handling a more moderate workload (like reading omg! 😉)

You can configure the TUXEDO Pulse 15 with up to 64GB of dual-channel RAM and storage up to 2TB NVMe (the base model has 8GB RAM and a 250GB M.2).

So how much will all this sweet sounding tech cost you?

Not as much as you might be expecting.

Buy the TUXEDO Pulse 15

The TUXEDO Pulse 15 costs from €989 (minus shipping and other fees). While this isn’t super cheap it’s not uncompetitive. Similarly spec’d laptops preloaded from well-known OEMs (and lumbered with Windows 10) are in the same price point.

You also get to choose which OS the device ships with (assuming the standard Ubuntu-based but Budgie-toting TUXEDO OS doesn’t do it for you.

To learn more head over the product info page on the official TUXEDO Computers website where you can quite literally throw your money at the screen.

TUXEDO Pulse 15 (Gen 1)

But, and to make this absolutely clear now, we agreed that pre-loaded Linux hardware is a waste of money, didn’t we? I mean, if you were in the market for an ultra powerful lappy right now, something ultra-chic that makes you look like the coolest bizniz bish in the airport lounge, and don’t want any Microsoft product to touch your precious new hardware, then Tuxedo has a very good offer here. Even for competitive pricing.

If otoh you’re just looking for some laptop to conduct your first ever blue-eyed Linux experiments on, then you’ll find more worthwile – and thousand times cheaper – laptops at the Polish bazaar down the road.


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