The End is Neigh

… for Manjaro? 😮

As the saying goes, the road to hell is plastered in good intentions. But also communication breakdown, egoism, blind ambition and lust for power and all the usual silly stuff. Your editrix had a bad feeling about Manjaro’s future when they turned it into a commercial company and started selling Manjaro branded laptops. Hobby projects and business don’t mix!

Irresistible hardware!

But let’s see what it’s all about. I stumbled  a weird post in Endeavour forum:

Uh oh, troobelz in paradise?

And you know me, bloodthirsty reporter that I am, I of course had to research a bit in Manjaro forum. Maybe I could find a hint on some internal cockfights there. And indeed, following the money, it took me only some minutes to stumble upon this:

Beloved dictator PhilM caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, treasurer resigns.

And it shows again that, no matter how gifted individual Linux community members are when it’s about creating elegant code, on a human level they are all a bit awkward and tonedeaf.

I hope the best for Manjaro. Even if I myself jumped the boat long ago for greener pastures, Manjaro is in the Arch world what Ubuntu once was in the Debian world: They took a great but untamed and unfriendly base and made it digestible for human beings. That’s a great achievement in itself. But they – like Ubuntu – were surpassed on all fronts by newer, fresher, more radical distros. Orca couldn’t have been the only Manjo user, leaving in pursuit of a better deal, and indeed I hear that Manjaro users are leaving in droves.

And with interpersonal trubbel at the leadership level this trend will only be reinforced and will lead to an imminent implosion sooner or later. :/

Ooooh, yummy! 🙂

PS: I can understand PhilM, a laptop for 2,000 woolongs is really adorbs and I would want one, too.


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