What We Do With Our Sticks

USB sticks, a.k.a. Thumbdrives that is. Was just talking with Karmi in the comment section about how he uses sticks compared to me, so I thought I show mine just so you see how unsophisticated, untricky and ungeeky the editrix truly is:


On the left side you see the install media (ISO files) of EndeavourOS and Archman GNU/Linux and our music library. I regard those sticks as essential as we can use the first two in order to reinstall our currently used systems, and the third to play a huge part of our recently favourite stoner hippie rock music in the car.

On the right are non-essential sticks I use to put ISO files on for testing.

Now you can see what a simple mind the editrix truly is, not a Mary Sue but a bonafide Jon Snow. 😐



  1. Here’s some of mine (if this works):

    I have more on that rack now, if that pic worked. Puppy, CentOS ‘n Unbuntu on right. Then I have 4-6 of the Fit Plus small types on 4-port USB hubs, which are used as permanent installations on two main Linux test computers…Ubuntu LTS, Fedora ‘n CentOS. 😉

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