Prison: Days 119 – 121

¡Hola amigos y amigas!

The youngling gangs in our little dorpie are bored outta their skullz, which is kinda understandable after that long time of incarceration. So in a nightly action, a couple nights ago, some of the gurlz (I believe, since boyz are not creative) founded an adhoc independent artists group and …

… made our complex more beautiful with constructive and encouraging graffiti. 🙂

youngartistsI tell ya, the next generation will be great. They will make us forget the weakling millenials and the aggro-selfish fascist youth of Gen Z and will make the world a better place. Have you seen the graffiti? Not a single profanity and no sexual innuendo! The most dirty I could see was SEXY + INTELLIGENT but we let that slip, ya?

And, as president Ramaphosa told his nation yesterday night, SA will stay on the pretty relaxed lockdown level 3 but schools will remain closed and we have nationwide facemask duty.


As long as all the shops are open I can live with wearing my mask. 99.9% of us do it anyway, since most stores and malls won’t let you enter the premises without.

What else is new? More sick, more death, more shit. 😦


I have no idea how the figures look in your part of the world, here it’s very bad. Ramaphosa told us yesterday that SA is on rank #5 with infections. Of course the bad hygienic circumstances in the townships, the happy-go-lucky attitude and general ignorance of the people don’t make it easier for the medics to deal with the galloping pandemic. 😮

Wenzday was the deadliest day! 😦 Don’t tell me it gets better. 😐

But at least we are in an illustrious circle of super duper first grade countries of high development: USA, Brazil, India and Russia. Cool, 3 of them are our friends and allies in BRICS and the USA is the undisputed global numero uno in anything. And we happily let them have that.

Frens, whatever you do, stay frosty, don’t let anyone sneeze on you, stay at home, stay  healthy … and wash your hands!




  1. I saw a stat last night that the US might have 135,000 deaths in the next 3 weeks alone. I’m having a hard time with that because it seems to justify a return to lockdown but everyone is acting like everything is fine (mentally insert that meme).

    There are currently 161 deaths in just my city; over 4000 in Los Angeles county.

    And I just learned that within my city, my zip code has the 2nd highest infection rate. One more reason to stay indoors!

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