Bjørn Again!

I guess I’ve blogged about their plans already a while ago, didn’t I? And I’m still sceptic. Dunno if I even wanna listen to the new stuff. Even if the new songs are any good, they won’t fit in today’s musical landscape. Like fallen out of time. Or ABBA will try to sound modern … failure in both cases. 😮

They will just destroy the heritage, their reputation, the saga. 😦

BTW, Sweden has no lockdown, my dear Australian journos. Big  fat country, 3 citizens, creates natural social distancing. And even if, composing, recording and arranging of music is a lonesome job, something that can be done quarantined in lockdown same as at any other time.


In order to keep ABBA the CULT, ABBA the LEGEND alive, ABBA the BAND must stay dead!


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