Endeavour OS: Arch Management Tools


This is typical Linux … and even more typical ArchLinux:

EndeavourOS had 1 year anniversary, and in typical Linux manner we didn’t have gifts for the developers, but the devs had some gifts for us. It’s like “Here are some tools for ya. Good tools, useful tools. Enjoy the tools. Or don’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Meh.”

Let Tom tell you about the new tools:

The Endeavour OS project is one year old and for their birthday, they have released some tools to manage the Linux Kernel, package cache, and more.

Endeavour: https://endeavouros.com/

Wallpaper: https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/endea…

endeavourtoolsIt feels so great to be showered in love! Oooh, most Linux users are males, right? So the Endeavour devs are glowing homoeroticists? Hmm … 😐 Typical for those liberal drugged out Dutchies, EllOhEll. But anyhoo, this is what I love so much about distros like Endeavour: They turn a naturally bitchy thing (Arch) into a very delightful, easily digestible, comfortable pussycat … without becoming precious or nanny about it. It’s completely on ourselves if we accept the new tools or don’t. This is the thinking man’s Manjaro, the self-sufficient girl’s Mint. No harm, no foul.

Easy living with EndeavourOS

BTW, I use EndeavourOS.

There, I said it. Didn’t hurt, no? Coz tricky me didn’t say “I use Arch”.






… eventhough I kinda do, right?


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