Premièring on July 23rd, 2020: STÖMOL a Second Life Machinima

Inara, and of course Huckleberry Hax
and his sidekick, the amazing Caitlin Tobias,
are telling you when and where you can watch the most anticipated machinima ever to come out of Second Life.
Only very badly rotten avatars, like Orca Flotta, would miss this great premiere. 😮



Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

STÖMOL publicity image

STÖMOL is an ambitious feature-length science fiction machinima filmed entirely in Second Life and due to première on You Tube on Thursday July 23rd, 2020.

Written, directed filmed and produced by Huckleberry Hax, who also takes the lead role of Epi Stömol, a private investigator. Also appearing in the film are Caitlin Tobias as Waarheid and who is also the film’s assistant director and publicist; Ylva as Verity Certain, Boudicca Amat as Istinito Tatsache, Anthony Wesburn as Adevaru) and Mich Michabo as The Quill.

Stylistically, the film is very much shot in the style of an animated graphic novel – think of the likes of Sin City and you’ll get the idea – that grew out of Hax’s writing and Second Life photography. In all it has taken some 18 months to produce, and involved filming in more than 15 regions around Second Life. These include Zee9’s…

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