They Wanna Kill Americans! :o

Who, the Russkies? The Chinks?

No, your own leaders, the guys you trust and believe in and follow to the (your) grave.

That’s more than just incompetence.

Naaw, there is  more behind it than just mere incompetence. Because incompetence, can be remedied with the help of specialists and pundits. But by the way all those top of their field experts are treated and silenced and defunded it becomes more and more clear there is a system behind the gov’mt’s stupidity and antilogical actions, respectively non-actions. :/

Ok, tinfoil hats on now, for this is a very daring conspiracy theory. Or not even that, let’s just call it a play on thoughts:


We’ve all learned that old geezers and poor bums and Blacks are the most eligible, the most threatened classes of people during this pandemic, right. Wouldn’t it be great for the GOP and the Trump administration to get rid of all those deplorables? They cost money and aren’t productive, and worst of all … they vote democratic.

So let’s just tell them it’s ok, the Chinese virus is soon beaten down, let the black kids go back to public school, let all the poor schmucks go to work and rub shoulders and threaten any sensible initiative with de-funding. Open the economy so all those fukn dems are at least good for one thing, one final time, once in their wretched lives. Spend all their money on our stupid products … and then die.

I know this sounds absurd, the ramblings of a madwoman, and we should never forget the pigheaded stupidity and incompetence of your elected leaders … but come on! It so fits their gameplan. They don’t even have to openly declare war on the American people when the coronavirus does the job for them. 😦

Reduce the unwanted and useless population by a good portion without looking like an enemy of the state. Perfect! 🙂


Ok, tinfoil hats off, tell me I’m wrong and why. Down there in the comments …



  1. Well, it is hart to say. I’m an American so I’m at ground zero of the stupidity. My thoughts are that more of these rump licking, red voting imbeciles do not wear masks than the Dems. If this is true, then OVID has a silver lining, it kills stupids. I know I’m not going to be done in by one of these mouth breathing, mask hating idiots. I take care of myself so I will survive. Thats not so true for the tRUmp cultist crowd. Look up some pictures of his laughingly failed rally attempt in Tulsa and you’ll see what I mean. Shrug, killing stupids is a good thing. It makes the gene pool cleaner. COVID is a natural enforcer of Darwin 🙂

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