Second Life Destinations – Baja Coast

bajacoastSomething totally new and never seen before: A tropical beach resort! 😦

But from the thumbnail alone this sim seems to be more interesting and a little bit more on the grungy side. I love the slightly run-down atmosphere, which reminds me on Spain’s Costa Brava. 😉

Experience the timeless beauty of Baja Coast, in this nostalgic, romantic tropical beach environment. Explore the coast and islands of this photogenic white sand tropical beach and take in the sights and sounds of nature with your friends and family, or maybe you just want some peaceful time alone. Don’t forget your camera!
Video Production: Draxtor Despres


    • Ooooh, I was out almost the whole day today, Sammel. Or do you mean I have to get in, like into SL, more, and then going out in SL?
      I guess I’ll do neither. 😦 You’ve seen my new Bandit 22 boat with custom paint by Bianca? Guess up to now I’ve sailed her for less than 5 minutes. 😮

      Luv ya


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