Prison: Days 112 – 118

Whoa! Methinks this was the longest time without any updates about my boring personal Corona affiliated self-imprisonment. As the name of “Prison” for this part of my bloggy already suggests, this is supposed to be a boring time without much of external attractions and distracions and funny business. And so far I was a pretty good lockdowner, only leaving our little housy for shopping the essentials … plus a  new mousemat (don’t tell me that’s not essential for a blogger, I dare you) and the one or other car breakdown. 😦

And a vehicle is very very essential, especially in these days in this country. I don’t wanna go to the Foodlovers Market in an overcrowded taxi full of unsanitized, coughing people. 😮

And while the mousemat is a good and most welcome new addition to my desk, I could live happily without the ongoing electro probs of Oubaas, my old but sole automobile. 😦 Needless to say I spent the past weekend in stasis again, and hubby had to order food from the supermarket by a local you-ring-we-bring service.

Well, today (actually yesterday) finally the electroguys managed to start up Oubaas and told me all is fine but I should swing by the workshop tomorrow – which is in a couple hours actually – and they will sort out some small things.

Could it be true? Can it be, that after 3,5 years, they finally sorted out the rather primitive and super duper simple electric system of a 52 y/o delivery van? A vehicle that was even super simple and rugged the day it was first rolled out to the market.

You must understand, kidz, nobody even  knew the word commodity back then, and even if, an expensive motorized vehicle would’ve been the last part of ones personal possessions, to attribute it to. These things were built to last! And to be repaired with a pocket knife and a spoon in some roadside ditch. At least in Europe.

So it’s with rather mixed emotions that I’ll drive up to the Motolek shop … in *shriek … in one-and-a-half hours!

But today, or rather yesterday, Oubaas did give me already good service as he hauled my lazy white bum to the Trusty Foodlovers Market and enable me to get some nutrients for the atomic mini family of hubby and his goddess Orca.

And then, joy of joys, on the way back I passed a little shopping mall with 3 fast food outlets on the parking lot … and all 3 of them were open for bizniz!


Yes, I know, unhealthy totally non-yoga-ish … and how could I break out in a squeal of glee while around us people drop dead like flies? What an evil monster am I? Sorry, after 3 or 4 or what do I know how many months of lockdown, we just had to indulge! And hubby thinks I’m the bestest waifu ever!!! See, win/win. 😉

Oh, btw, ppl dropping dead. I managed to avoid any info about the latest numbers … let’s have a wee peek, shall we?

Bitch, what ya doin? Cover your nose woman!!!

Uh oh. 😦 Wish I didn’t look … but otoh what did I expect? It is as as  tell you since, like, forever: We’re still in the opening phase of the first wave of the pandemic! Sorry to say, and as perverse and bigot as I might sound now, after the McD’s indulgement, this ain’t the time to open up all services and shops and schools and whatevers!

But wait, there’s hope …

Are we mice or men?

… for mice. Good to know the mice will be around after the last of us has succumbed to the fukn Covid-19 virus. 😦

But will my gym survive?

Not that I worry too much about Sir Richard Branson’s personal riches but his reasonably hard-working staff. :/

And gyms, I tell ya, are the safest places to be during a pandemic. Everything is squeaky clean in there, and particularly the sauna and pool areas are natural bazillaz killaz!

So fukn open up my virus-free gym, gov’mt! You hear me? Hurry the fuk up!

Okayyy, one last look at the numbers, just to lift the mood …


… or rather set the mood right. 😦

Guyz, grrlz, must I really remind you to stay frosty, avoid social contacts, stay home, wash your friggn hands and sanitize everyting you can sanitize? No, eh. You’re doing it already. And you doing it great, since 3 or 4 months now. And you’re still alive!

We’re all alive. At least the ones who read this. So a huge fat congratulations to us all!

I know I’m spoiled and don’t have to suffer. I’m in a loving relationship and have enough money to pay for food and all the bills … and that funky car of ours. Many of you will probably suffer much harder, and I’m sorry for you. Really. Believe me. But according to all the statistics and the bodycount, it is of the utmost importance that we all  follow the most basic rules to stop or slow down the spread of coronavirus. We have the choice: Suffer now for a limited time at home, or suffer for eternity in a cold and damp grave. 😮

Let’s avoid the second!





    • Guilty pleasure. 😉

      I sometimes crave a fatty quarterpounder with cheese. Sue me. And also I support the local economy by eating from local fast food franchisees. Every fucked up burger joint employs – and empowers – roughly 20 to 30 indigenous women.
      I’m such a good human being, flawless to the core. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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