Linux Mint 20: My Top Linux Distro

In this video Christopher Barnatt of the Explaining Computers YT channel tells us why Linux Mint 20 is his favourite Linux distro. That it’s the bestest for abson00bs I’ve told you quite often enough, right? That it’s also cool as a system for users of every skillset and one  doesn’t need to be ashamed for rockin’ Mint as an oldbie, deserves an extra mention.

Linux Mint 20 review and demo, including specifications, new interface settings, Warpinator, a comparison of the Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce editions, and the Chromium/snap issue.

explainingmintIn this video I only provide a very brief summary of how install Linux Mint 20, but I have covered the process extensively in these videos for Linux Mint 19, and nothing has changed:

Linux Mint 19 for Windows Users –…


  1. You won’t believe this, but I did a techie thing today. I dug my 9 year OLD computer out of the closet and was surprised to see it still worked with Vista on it. Then I downloaded Linux Mint 20 and after a few errors and rebooting it finally works 🙂 Took almost 2 hours to do everything on that video, oh my! I am like a genius or something thanks to you. Now I have a Linux computer, yay. What do I do with it is a whole nother question?

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    • First let me say: \o/ YAY! YOU! \o/

      That’s so great, Becca. See, being techie and a global lockdown already gave you a new, fully functional computer instead of a dusty doorstop. What’s so bad about it? Doesn’t it feel good to have achieved something that’s usually left for the boys? And you had problems … but solved them. And next time you gotta install Linux – on your granny’s PC or so – you do in 5 minutes what took you 2 hours today.
      You’re empowered now. You’ve empowered yourself!

      Allow me a side question, please: 9 years old sets your computer in the Win7 64-bit era, while Vista was still a fukn 32-bit system, no?

      And what to do with your brandnew Linux computer? Slowly and carefully sorting everything out, getting used to the slightly different file management and moving all your daily work over to Linux. Use it for what it was made in the first place and for what you used it. Work, play, stealing movies and music, surf the web, whatever you do. Most important of all: Install a Second Life viewer, see how that works out for you. Firestorm and Singularity … and some more TPVs are working under Linux. 😉

      And once you’re homely in Mint, take the next step … don’t stop at Manjaro but go directly to EndeavourOS. 🙂

      I’m so proud of you!

      Any questions? The Mint forum is frenly I hear and this blog is full to the brim with fellow Minty people, so just ask away.


  2. Yes, is nice to have two up-to-date computers working side by side. I stopped using the old computer in 2012 but actually bought it in 2007. I was exaggerating with 9 years but it’s really 13 years old isn’t it? Makes it even more impressive that it still works. The old built-in graphics card couldn’t handle SL very well, which was why i got a new computer. 64 vs 32 bit I don’t even know. I downloaded the 64 bit Linux and it is working fine.

    I’ll probably stick to my main PC for Second Life and play around with Linux on the side 🙂 Although a little slow on the old system, it seems to run most everything and the Cinnamon desktop is really easy to use. Now my eyes won’t glaze over when you do a Linux post and I’ll be reading every word. Thank you for the encouragement!

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    • Thank you very much for your honest opinion, Becca. See, that’s all I wanna achieve, really all I can hope for. That people won’t sit with overglazed eyes in front of my Linuxy posts but can nod wisely and say “Mhm, I know. Happened to me, too”. Or getting angry and think “God, that Orcawoman is so fukn stoopit, why didn’t she just use this or that terminal command? Would’ve saved her from all the trubbel” or somefink like that.

      Seen it? Even the old crank Karmi liked your comment! 🙂 That’s a rarity in itself. To be liked by that sourpuss you must have touched something, some deeply hidden feelings buried in him. =^.^=
      I’m so unspeakably proud of you.

      ***** LINUX IS GREAT FOR GIRLS!!! *****

      Your lappy 64-bit? Really? I bought an Asus lappy in 2008, Core Duo T2500, which was the hottest mobile chip Intel made at the time. And its architecture was 32-bit. But wot do I know? I overheated and killed that thing in less than a year and decided for further playing in SL I needed some more robust desktop computer with a real graphics card.

      And Cinnamon is a little magic, no? It’s actually the main reason why users leave Ubuntu in droves and flock to Mint. The Minty guys made it themselves and it embodies their philosophy of easypeasyness perfectly. 😉 In the beginning it was a bit unstable and sluggish but it’s cured and really usable nowadays. Not a racecar but acceptable. I would use Cinnamon myself if I wasn’t such a hardcore Mate user and used to its oldstyle charme and quirks.

      And Cinnamon is a little magic fairie, no? It’s actually the main reason why users leave Ubuntu in droves and flock to Mint. The Minty guys made it themselves and it embodies their philosophy of easypeasyness perfectly. 😉 In the beginning it was a bit unstable and sluggish but it’s cured and really usable nowadays.

      He, Becca, why don’t you write a little story about how you got along with your new Linux on an old machine, what you did exactly. I and many of your fellow blogreaders would be thankful for a report from the Linux frontline. How did you get along as a n00b? Was it more difficult or more easy than you thought? Where it was cool and where you ran into problems … and how you solved them. Illustrate it with some screenshots. Easy peasy, just press the Print key on keyboard for fullscreen shots, for more detailed stuff there is another screenshot program of which I don’t know the English name. But should be standard fare in your Mint anyway. Could you imagine using Linux in the future, once you installed the FOSS equivalents of your WinMac programs?

      Once you got it together, just send me the files, and I publish your story. Or let me make you a contributor and you can publish it yourself.

      What say you?


      • The old computer is also a PC. Now I have 2 computers under my desk with 2 screens, 2 keyboards and 2 mousies up top. I also have a laptop with a stuck hard drive 😦 It would be nice to get it working again and load Linux on that one too.

        I’ll think about writing up my experiences as I go merrily along and will test out the picture taking part. Not a yay or a nay yet but thank you for the offer.

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        • Lappies can be tricky at times, so this might not work: try installing Mint to a 32GB USB flash drive (SanDisk Ultra Flair or smaller Samsung Fit Plus work best for me – Might have to tinker with BIOS to get it booting). One of the two things Linux has over WIN10 is USB portability (the other is old computers) and that USB should work in most any computer. Full USB installation is slower & may take 20-30 mins with 3.0…

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          • Becca has already installed Mint 20 on an older computer, anonymous Karmi. 😉 So obviously has the UEFI/BIOS sorted out. She doesn’t need to prepare a new install USB neither. And anyway, a run-of-the-mill 4GB stick is more than enough for a Linux .iso.


            • You know nothing, Jon Snow.

              Vista came in both 64-bit ‘n 32-bit versions.

              Her laptop (AKA “Lappies”) “had a stuck hard drive” ‘n a FULL-installation of Mint to USB offers portability to most any computer (FULL is not ‘Live’ – it’s a fully installed Distro to USB that does updating ‘n saves data ‘n settings just like on a HDD or SSD). I only use SSBs for testing Linux anymore…my permanent Distros are on 32GB-128GB USBs.

              Good luck installing Mint onto a “4GB stick” … probably works for a ‘Live’ but couldn’t even handle updates on a 4GB drive. 😉

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              • “(FULL is not ‘Live’ – it’s a fully installed Distro to USB that does updating ‘n saves data ‘n settings just like on a HDD or SSD). ”
                Yes, I know. Why anybody would do something like that escapes me though. Breaking all the sticks and ports everytime I throw my netbook into a rucksack isn’t endearing in my mind.

                “Good luck installing Mint onto a “4GB stick”
                I’d never do that, but 4GB is plenty big enough to store an ISO file on.


                • Many advantages of using a fully installed Linux Distro on USB. Samsung Fit Plus USB’s are small and very useful with laptops, netbooks, etc. I have in 32GB ‘n 128GB versions (CentOS on the 128GB). Using the Boot Menu key you can use most any USB installed Linux Distro on a Windows computer w/o interfering with each other. Still, USB’s are for portability ‘n probably not as good a SSD’s for permanent installs.


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