“Trump first, Russia second, and America last.”

Good blog, this.

Brainwashed shit, this.

A lie, this.

Funny af, this.

Sad, this.
America implodes in 3 … 2 … 1 … *plopp*
True, this.

You really wanna know what Orca thinks about all this self-destructive circus by a bunch of pre-adolescent children in adult bodies?

Naaaw, you don’t.

Believe me, it’s better for all involved if I keep my snout shut and leave you to your own thoughts.

Just so much: Americans, you are soooo fuked! 😮 You’re getting ass-raped and pussy grabbed by both sides. But not by Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela or Syria. Just FYI.

Just what he always wanted. 😐



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