How Long?

… do we have to wait until the second American civil war will officially start?

Oh crap! 😮


I mean, this is an almost too perfect setup to start a fisticufffs over, isn’t it? Never before, not even in US history has any gov’mt acted so aggressively against its own population, against its own citizens … and at the same time being so engaged in an internal warfare in Washington.


Come on ppl, let’s break out the popcorn and get ready for the grand spectacle of an imploding empire. Yes, I predict a great show! Or did anybody expect America would go with a whimper?


Say about Trump what you want, it’s all correct. Yes, he is a selfish monster, an uneducated troglodyte, a valueless brute, a primitive bully, a whining toddler … but he’s also great entertainment! 🙂

Particularly when you watch from a save distance. 😉

Isn’t he just too cute?


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