Second Life’s Lab Gab Episode 30 – STÖMOL

stu00f6molLots of promotion and ruckus around prolific photographer and writer Huckleberry Hax’s new feature movie STÖMOL … at least when you read his and cooperator Caitlin Tobias’ blogs. 😉 STÖMOL is a Cyberpunk SciFi movie I guess, and probably the most professional machinima movie made in SL ever. They even have a promotion campaign around it, with posters and merch.

Let’s see how Berry got on with Huck and Cait:

Lab Gab is a live-streamed variety show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. Tune in on Friday, July 17th at 11am PT/SLT.
Links to topics discussed in this episode:
STÖMOL official movie trailer:…
The Facebook Page for STÖMOL:
Official movie website:
Huckleberry Hax’ blogs about STÖMOL:…
Caitlin Tobias blogs behind the scenes of STÖMOL :
Keep an eye on the Second Life blog for future announcements about the show:…
And, like every movie worth its salt, STÖMOL’s marketing campaign comes with a trailer, too. Stylistically it looks a bit like Bladerunner 2049, no?
And Huck, the British movie critic’s name you couldn’t recall is Mark Kermode.


    • Well, I’m kinda stuck with Mr. Kermode since I often link to his YT channel from my own reviews.
      Best of luck with STÖMOL’s premiere n stuff.


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