Race Day 18 with Sea Boss Rider at Eki Tropical Island

We tested yesterday a second area for our Windsurfing Race. Eki Tropical Island is owned by Palani and home of the Free Spirit Cup and its perfect for Windsurfing races as well. Unfortunately some of our reguarly Racers got caught in rl so only Nicole, Lucy and Sanja joined me.

The weather on Eki is mostly very good. Only Lucy had issues with her Internet connection and couldnt finish a race.

We use the wind North West and 25knots there and for the first warming up race the Course Eki_REV_SeaBoss01 (read the map backwards)

We found pretty fast after the start our positions for the first race, Sanja was leading, me in the middle and Nicole at the end and we kept that until the finish.
The second race was a two lap race and we used Course Eki_SeaBoss02 (in the shown direction) with the same wind

The second race was much more exciting. During the first lap Sanja, Nicole and me were sailing on some legs parallel and some others close behind each others and we could hear the others breathing all the time. This 3 women fight lost Nicole around buoy 10 after she went swimming and i lost at the end of first race Sanja who went for a swim as well. I sailed away, Nicole caught up with Sanja and they had an exciting Duell until they finished.

The two Courses are very interesting, they have short legs, many options to hike on the board at the limit and many tacks and turns to catch up again. Viv did a Wonderful Job designing them.

We will go here every third week and will do the same Course with the same wind and i can promise you every race will be different and probably as exciting as the second one yesterday. Lets hope Lucy can fix her internet connection so she can experience this excitement as well.

Here are the results from yesterday:

Race 35: 2020-07-16-Eki_REV_SeaBoss01-NW25

1: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — 00:10:52 6 points
2: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — 00:11:13
3: Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — 00:12:09 3 points
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — not Finished 1point

Lap Times:
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:10:46
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:11:11
Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — Start: 00:00:24 — Last lap: 00:11:45
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: not finished

Race 36: 2020-07-16-Eki_SeaBoss02-NW25

1: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — 00:16:46
2: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — 00:17:26 6 points
3: Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — 00:17:38 3 points
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — not Finished 1 point

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — Start: 00:00:11 — Lap 1: 00:08:19 — Last lap: 00:08:16
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — Start: 00:00:04 — Lap 1: 00:08:57 — Last lap: 00:08:25
Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — Start: 00:00:11 — Lap 1: 00:08:43 — Last lap: 00:08:44
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — Start: 00:00:54 — Lap 1: not finished — Last lap: not finished

Standing overall TrYC 2020 Sea Boss Rider Championchip (after 36 races):
Sailors – points – number of races
Sanja 113 34
Lucy 98 30
Nicole 80 25
Viv 77 19
Adeli 49 14
Moon 34 6
Isa 15 4
Laured 14 8
Sea 7 3
Genara 2 2

This experiment to sail the Windsurfing race outside of TrYC at Eki Tropical Island was a success and so we will continue with that. Thank you very much Palani to invite us there.

stay safe and hopefully see you next week

hugs and kisses


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