Oubaas: The Neverending Story

Hey gorgeous people of the internet.

You may remember that Oubaas just got a new alternator and all my trubbelz were over and done with and good tim…

Hi ho! Hi ho!

Naaaaw, not even a day later fukka refused to start and since then my useful neighbour and the car electrician are working on the starter problem. Turns out the battery is fully charged and not to blame but the starter is kaputt. In the pic above the minion of the electrician and his minion are removing the starter to take it back to the workshop.

They couldn’t tell me how long the repair will take. We remember Oubaas just got a new used starter one or two days before the lockdown … and now it’s already broken! And Orca is grounded. 😮 Fuk dat shit!

Oh wow 😮 Now that old thing is even starting to shed the first couple layers of dead skin. 😦

esssexv6Know why I want to start this old rusty shitvan so urgently? Guess I’ve found a reasonable panel beater and spraypainter for the job of saving Oubaas. But I can only get there once I get the fukn engine to start, now can I?




    • I had a 1976 Chev Constantia before Oubaas, if you remember. I gave that thing all the love in the world and put all our money into it … for no effect. The Turd refused to drive nicely and I finally sold him for not even a third of what we put in. 😦
      Now Oubaas is the love of my botched life and I’m more than willing to do everything in order to keep him on the road. Hopefully it’ll pan out this time. Hubby says I look sexy and competent behind the wheel. So that’s already a huge motivator. 🙂


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