New EndeavourOS Snapshot! :)

Gud moarning advanced Penguins,

endeavourminiif you entertained the thought of breaking out and stepping up from your old and busted Mint, and free yourself of installing a new version every 6 months … if you always wanted to join the rolling world, computing lightweight and fast, without all the petty minded shackles of Ubuntu/Debian distros, you’re in luck:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Endeavour just came up with the latest snapshot July 2020

The most user-friendly ArchLinux fork, EndeavourOS, just brought out a new snapshot for July 2020. What you need to know:

  • EndeavourOS 2020.07.15 is NOT a new version! It’s a snapshot, which means it represents the current status of Endeavour/Arch, so you won’t have a huge big fat initial update after installation.
  • There’s no need to install this version for current users of Endeavour. You’re on the same level already. In fact once you’ve installed Endeavour you might as well stop caring about Linux altogether and just roll with Endeavour/Arch into eternity.
  • People coming from Mint will find all 3 Mint desktops in Endeavour as well: Basic versions of Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce are included in the Endeavour ISO file, so switchover should be remarkably easy peasy.
  • You might feel artificially smug after you’ve joined the Archyverse, and a need to let everybody know about your fine new Linux system.
“I’m using Arch, btw!” =^.^=

endeavourminiOrca says: Highly recommended!




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