No! No fear, I won’t lose another word about the terribly bad SJW Star Trek series by the same name but in this case Discovery is the name of EndeavourOS’s very own magazine-type website.

Something for everybody.

How cool is that?

A third web presence besides the formal website and the forum! And not just Endeavour and Arch focused but with a bit wider appeal so every penguin can find something of interest in there to geek out on.

Well, not of much interest for Orca coz she no geek but just a wannabe Second Life journo who happens to work on Linux Machines. But maybe of interest for my male readers and Linux fraggelz.

Did you know there are quite some blogreaders who have no connection with SL but came here through other channels, and some very specifically interested in Linux? Well, we have them. And I’m happy to have them, as much of my blog has kinda left the SL realm and is more of a dunno … Linux lifestyle blog now?

Hah, for whatever reason you first came here, I’m super sad to disappoint all of you so badly now, since my content is neither here nor there. 😦 But at least we have Bianca and Lucy who report about their TrYC sail races and sometimes about Brazilian pop culture.

This Brazilian/German powerduo is the heart and soul of Triumphal’s very own Triumphal Yacht Club (TrYC). And of this bloggy as well. LOL, German bad weather girl is much browner than girl from sunny Ipanema.


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