Anyone Heard Anything Lately …

… about Bellisseria?

Curious me had a peek at the weird continent’s official local newspaper and …

A short-lived hype?

… found out it’s dead. 😐

I’m quite sure Belliseria itself is alive and well and its inhabitants are probably more or less happy with their dwellings and enjoy their Second Lifes. But I can also guess that after all the hullaballoo of the first big wave of settlements (houseboats, community places, infrastructure) it slowly dawned on even the most hardcore Bellisserians that the whole continent is just another Linden ghetto. Not far off the grid, mind you, but pretty much part of it, even serving as the missing link between Sansara and Jeogeot continents, but still kinda restricted when it’s about self-expression.

Bravo btw for The Lab, finally realising that SL should be one continuous world, not seperated islands in the æther of the void. Even if your CEO doesn’t see it that way. But what does he know?

Yes, Bellisseria is better, much evolved from the first batch of useless Linden homes. But it’s still a Linden ghetto, a place where mostly the not-interested, the uncreative, the clueless Premium acc residents bought into the scheme of a ready-made home, coming with a ready-made community, a prefab lifestyle for a ready-made Second Life. =^.^=

Photo by Whimsy Winx: Bellisseria is much prettier than all the other continents but …

Not all of them, oh god, nooo. I know some avatars, oldbies living there, who’ve proven their value for SL since many years. And it was that expert crowd of oldbies who – with a little help from LL – tried to create various communities on Bellisseria. Or tried to add new Bellisserian addresses to the old, long-standing communities. Flying, sailing, partying communities. I’ve even seen an art gallery. 🙂 And I don’t know what became of all those efforts, how they fared in the long run … I guess not too  well. :/

Because they didn’t get the support of their fellow Bellisserians. Because Bellisseria is – although not an old-school Linden Ghetto – not much different from any other SL continent. Only that you can’t build/rez your own dwelling or any other structure there, that you can’t even do the littlest bit of terraforming … and that your creativity is stunted. And driving/walking around the new sims, taking in all the sights and views, gets boring after a couple days.

And as we all should’ve learned by now, particularly in SL, your physical home address doesn’t make the foundation of a community, shared interests do! No matter if my fellow sailing community members are living around Blake Sea, in a medieval castle on Sansara, in steampunky New Babbage or a space station Ctulhu-knows-where.

I guess that’s why the editors of The Bellisserian ran out if stuff to write about and put their paper on hiatus since late August of 2019. That’s almost a year without any sign of life. After such a long pause and no efforts by community members trying to jump in and save their own communication tool, I guess it’s safe to assume that project The Bellisserian is dead. 😦

Because in the end, even with all its beauty stuff, Bellisseria is just a place you go to change clothes, and then go somewhere else for the important parts of your Second Life.

Map shot by Daniel Voyager: Bellisseria very well placed smackbang in between Sansara and Jeogeot, linking the old mainland continents and making all SL sailors and pilots happy. 🙂

Question for all my readers with property on Bellisseria: How did your moving there work out in the long run? Still happy as a squid on that new continent? Or gave up and moved back to traditional mainland or estates … or maybe dropped Premium altogether?



  1. I have a houseboat out there, and have done a bit of sailing around the local waterways. I’ve also done a few roadtrip around Bellisaria on my hoverbike. I applaud the work that the Moles have put into building out Bellisaria, including extending the Second Life Railway system. It’s a crying shame that I rarely encounter anyone else on my travels.

    I also have a private rental elsewhere, where I can rez skyboxes and experiment with building stuff. Theoretically, I could ditch the houseboat and use that 1024m² allowance towards the purchase a 4096m² parcel, and end up paying only slightly more than I’m shelling out currently each month.

    Then again, I think there’s a bigger issue here — people just don’t randomly socialise in Second Life outside of events. Maybe that’s what I should do instead, wave and say hi to people I see around Bellisaria?

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    • “wave and say hi to people”

      You hop on the commuter train every morning and shout out a “Hi!” to all your fellow travellers?
      No, eh? Coz it be weird and random and you would be looked at in strange ways.

      That’s why I said it’s not locations that make communities, it’s like-minded people. Same reason why yacht club clubhouses are mostly empty and never used outside of events. And to be member of the Sailing community I never needed to live anywhere near any of the yacht clubs or the main sailing areas. Well, I did since parcels in sailing areas are mostly really nice … but it’s not a must. I had my OrCafé for a while in Devilbrook, right behind Triumphal and the TrYC. That was very nice. But didn’t help me in organizing sailraces.

      Social life is SL is very different from RL.


  2. Helloo Orca, I’m still here and very happy on Belliseria 🙂 Happy as a clam in fact. After renting estate land since forever and owning mainland too, I’ve downgraded a lot since all the virus stuff started. The price of decent sized waterfront property in SL has become prohibitive for me, and that’s all I am interested in.

    My partner and I use Belliseria as our home base but spend most of our SL time with friends in our motorcycle club or other activities. Although the houses there are fixed the house prims are free, which makes them a great deal. I can still feed my creative urges furnishing the houses and building on our club sim, so not all is lost.

    With two premium accounts, I own a nice corner houseboat plus a log home on a lake. Our cat lives with us in the houseboat, from which I can sail or fly to multiple continents. From the log home I can water ski in the lake or kayak up the river. My horse is stabled there too and I can ride her around the dirt roads and mountains nearby. The moles have done a great job with Belliseria and we are happy to be there. I’m not in the loop with the local community so may be missing out on that? Although I’ve tried and tried, having a neighbor who becomes a friend is a rare thing indeed. As you say, like interests build relationships and I am lucky to have found many.

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    • Yes, exactly. The moles did a great job on Bellisseria and I bet it’s a nice living there. It’s just the part with community that didn’t pan out. And that’s why The Bellisserian is on infinite hiatus already since almost a year.

      I couldn’t live there since I need a new house every day. I can never make my mind up about what I want. Beachhouse, onsen, nuclear bunker, airship hangar, ultramodern concrete/glass house, tiki hut, houseboat …


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