Prison: Day 111

Guten Morgen Leute,

oh my, oh my oh my … seems the lockdown will stick with us for quite some time to come. South Africa was lauded for the kinda strict lockdown rules. Because they are necessary in an African country, even more than in highly developed European or North American countries. When the pandemic gets worse here, we don’t have enough hospital beds and respirators and all the shit necessary to care for millions of deadly sick patients.

Not only Italy has declared national emergency and extended the lockdown, South Africa has just taken back the alcohol sales permits and put a nightly curfew in place again.

The chief has spoken!

Poor Cyril. First he let big money blackmail him into compliance and loosening of the lockdown restrictions, then all turns to shit, now he takes action again. Good man.

Back to level 5. 😦
But when the lockdown was extended, many South Africans became increasingly restless. Instead of trusting the outcomes of a highly consultative process, many projected themselves as more knowledgeable than those tasked with communicating the directives on how best to contain the pandemic. Enforcing the lockdown became difficult.
Allegations of conspiracy and authoritarianism soon emerged and some even took the government to court. The posture of placing the economy before lives gained hegemony and state control of public behaviour was relaxed. The people (in general) asserted their rights to take responsibility for their own health and safety, and government accepted it. The retreat from firm leadership, however, only resulted in the disease emerging victorious.
And then it got worse again. 😮
The country-wide curfew that has been introduced, which prohibits movement between 21h00 and 04h00 is welcomed; compliance therewith, should be strictly enforced.
The measures appear draconian.  Conditions, however, dictate that the state asserts its leadership role and curtails some of the rights of individuals, to protect their lives.

So, here we are, back at square one, nothing learned, nothing gained, but countless infected and dead people piling up. I’m not feeling smug or more clever than anyone else but just thankful for still being healthy. And I will be even more vigiliant than I was anyway, more respectful regarding the pandemic.

And all I can and will do is to urge everyone to do their utmost best to stay healthy and don’t get themselves in peril. We’ve seen in SA what happens if a gov’mt becomes corruptible. Fortunately Ramaphosa is a good deal more intelligenterer than Trump and Johnson and the whole EU leadership and set an end to the sillyness.

You stay indoors by choice.

Even the Ugandanians are clever enough to hide when the killervirus goes around. Their president is a good man!

But even if you are unlucky and live in a country where your scumbag president tells you it’s ok and save to go back to work and to school … DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! STAY FROSTY!

Peepelz, I hate to repeat myself over and over and over again but … the statistics you read in the papers and on the interwebz aren’t just some fukfaces somewhere in the 3rd world, they are in every country, in your country. The numbers aren’t faceless insignificant foreigners and aliens; you could become a part of the statistics. Yes, You Yourself! And me, myself. It’s time to realize the facts! And then adjust, adapt, survive

I’m willing to stay in lockdown for an infinite time, and not come out just coz some lying pos politician tells me to. I won’t come out before some incorruptible medical authority tells me to. I hope you are too!





  1. I found out it’s Orange County, which is bordered by LA and SD counties, which has decided school will resume in person without masks or social distancing. There’s a big push for them to wise up but it’s a strongly pro-Rump, WE decide our rights, area so I’m not hopeful. This country has done a shit job of communicating that masks aren’t to protect you but to protect FROM you. Their numbers are just starting to rise, probably because the area has social distance built into it’s layout, so it will be “interesting” to see where things go from here.

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    • Where you live it looks more packed, like typical suburban or so. But I guess that’s not a problem, as long as we all wear our masks when out in public and get spritzed at every store entrance and be counted so only a certain amount of people can go into any place, and they keep, like, 2 meters distance. You don’t need to live all alone on a huge hazienda or in the woods somewhere, just being careful and clever where you put your DNA.
      And yes, communication from official places is very lacking, all over the planet. It’s because the bosses refuse to let the true experts handle the situation.


      • My area is a combo of single family homes and small apt complexes, with a few feet of space between them. Orange County is predominantly single family homes with much more space between them, ditto for the business area. As you move north, toward LA, the housing and businesses are closer, with very little land. Infection rates ckosely mimic the crowding.

        As for me, I’vectaken to sleeping ALL the time.

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        • “As for me, I’vectaken to sleeping ALL the time.”

          Following the example as set by your katz. Not the wurst way to handle the situation methinks. =^.^=
          If I weren’t sitting here all day and night at the compi, trying to find mildly amusing shit to blawg about I’d get a sufficient amount of sleep myself, since it’s literally the best we can do.
          Buuuut I’m just too nervous and action stuntgirl to follow my own advice. 😮


          • I’m literally out-sleeping my cats!! I need to be studying, cleaning, and looking for work but I literally don’t have enough energy. If I manage to stay awake, I’m stressed to the point of paralysis.

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            • “I’m stressed to the point of paralysis.”

              Anxiety attacks? Talked to a good therapist (if sufficienty linsured) or tried at least a yoga course? It helped me through some rough times, physically and mentally. Ain’t no better feeling than a “yoga high” after a good session. Also you’ll sleep like a baby after a good exhaustive yoga class, and when you wake up you’re super duper fresh. 🙂


              • Can’t afford a therapist. Yoga is closed and there’s no room at home for video course, not that I’d do it anyway. It doesn’t relax me at all… more often aggravates my joint issues. I crack up at Child’s Pose cause, with all my fat it’s “Suffocation Pose”. The coworker/instructor at my last job was great… I miss her! I bookmarked 3 free yoga classes on Prime but, like I said, no room and even yoga takes more interest in Life than I currently possess.

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                • First I was about to ask if you don’t even have enough space to roll out a yoga mat, then I read on and was like OMfG, girl is a mess. 😮
                  Yeah, balasana is supposedly super easy and relaxing but should be done right, too.


                  • The coworker’s class was great because she’d help me find alternate poses or simply get away from my desk and relax. But one of the flow, that did snake to a pushup ripped my right rotator cuff and it’s never healed.

                    Buuut… I can easily keep legs straight and lay flat palms on the floor, and do the splits.

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                    • That’s not supposed to happen in yoga. Not even supposed to hurt. Once something is starting to hurt, you stop! Worst thing ever happen to me was some pinched nerve, and I only noticed it the next day … bad enough.

                      “I can easily keep legs straight and lay flat palms on the floor, and do the splits.”
                      Congratz. Many non-fat peeps are too stiff to do that.


                    • Yeah… I used to love teasing my tall super-fit trainer about not being able to reach past his knees. But he could do a 4′ standing box jump whereas I started crying over fear of trying to jump about 6″. My knees were at their worst and, honestly, if I hadn’t held on to trainer’s shoulder’s, I would have injured myself.

                      I did the snake to pushup move wrong, despite specific instruction to be extremely careful and precise. The pain when it happened wasn’t too bad… I knew I messed up but didn’t give it more thought. The real pain kicked in a day later. I was supposed to have physical therapy but couldn’t coordinate around my job & commute. It’s perm now. Cymbalta is managing the routine pain but every now and then I made it really mad again. I’m supposed to get more steroid injections but I can’t afford the copay.

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                • Ok, last resort: Meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama).

                  You won’t need much space but just some space where you can sit or lay down and won’t get distracted. Kick out the katzus and forbid them to make a ruckus for about 30 – 60 minutes.

                  You know how to meditate? Technically it’s easy: Just find some object to meditate on, doesn’t matter what, ghee lanterns are good for their flames don’t flicker. You get them at the local asia/hippie shop. But you can meditate on just about anything, some figurine or your shoe or sumfink.

                  And then, now comes the hard part. Concentrate on your object, suck it up and don’t think about anything else! That is really not easy, non-thinking. :/ That’s why you have your object, just focus on that and nothing else. Meditation is not a trance or whatever hocus pocus we westerners imagine, it’s an exercise in total concentration. Empty your head and mind and don’t let any outside shit get into your meditation! It’s your Me-time! Fuk everything else. You’re not spaced out, you’re locked in, you’re focused!

                  Of course it will hurt after a while. Good trick: Focus on the pain, recognize that there is a knee/hip/whatever hurting somewhere in the universe. Then push the thought away and focus on your little Jesus/Buddha/candle/whatever kitschy object again. And don’t move for fuksakes!!!

                  20 minutes. You can set a timer on your alarm clock but please don’t stress out about the timing or timer. The longer you manage to stay in meditation pose the better.

                  And hey, no need to sit akimbo like an Indian guru. Just sit in a comfortable chair but with straight back and not slumped over, put your hands relaxed on your thighs, thumbs and index fingers touching. Breathe through the nose, in and out. Deep and slowly. You won’t suffocate. Concentrate on your object your breathing will follow.

                  20 minutes in total inner and outer silence, 20 minutes of not flinching and not moving a muscle. You can do it. And tomorrow again. Same location, same time, same routine. And the next day, and the next …

                  I’m proud of you!

                  PS: Locate your nearest buddhist ashram, they offer meditation and yoga classes for free (but gladly accept donations). And they don’t believe in missionary shit, nobody will talk religion with you.


                  • I know how to meditate. I don’t know how to get motivated enough to vacuum (the carpets are GROSS). If I had ANY energy, I’d probably start walking. But being a useless stressed out lump is sooooo much easier!

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                    • At least you’re honest with yourself. I hope you know how bad your lifestyle is for your body. 😐


                    • Oh, TOTALLY!! But knowing and taking action are wildly different things. I hoped going on antidepressants would bring back my interest in getting off the bed once in awhile but it didn’t happen. I think the loss of motivation (for anything/everything) is menopause related, because of the timing, but knowing that hasn’t magically cured it and for some reason that I’m never told, docs won’t let me try hormone therapy. I mean, it might not help either but why not let me try it??!!??

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    • That’s what I’m talking about!
      “Oh, Dr Fauci is clever and knows what he’s talking about. I can’t have that, he’s sawing at my chair! :o”

      You know the American Indian tribes all had 2 chiefs? One normal everyday chief and one war chief. Well, we all are at war with COVID-19 right now – soooo, let Dr Fauci, as your war chief, handle the situation, hand over the ruling power to him and his team of scientists and the Red Cross. In fact every country on earth should be doing that. It would’ve spared us 3 useless months of lockdown.
      No not completely useless as I guess every single one of us survivors has saved a hundred thousand of human lifes already. But you know what I’m on about, no? Now is not the time to return back to business as usual! Let the war chiefs finish their job and see us through the crisis first, before taking over the reigns again.


      • Let scientists do the science??? tRump, Johnson, and so many others have too much ego for that Though I think cheeto is the only one who repeatedly claims to know more about than them.

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