Prison: Day 110

Mørning guys, didn’t I tell you that right now there is no way around Theron and Hanks when you wanna watch a new movie? And now let’s have a peek at my favourite pirate group’s website …

Still the best when you want quality loot instead of cam versions out of Hong Kong movie theatres.

Latest movies in YTS archive: The Old Guard and Greyhound.

This is remarkable in some aspects. I guess it’s the first time our boys at YTS are giving us stuff they downloaded from streaming services and secondly these are the only A-lister movies along a lot of dreck and schmutz, B- and C-movies and old-timey “classics”.

bluemaskYes, the situation is that bad!

I don’t know, is this what they meant when they said we gotta learn to Live With the Virus?

I mean wearing hubby’s old undies on my face, keeping social distance, don’t talk to strangers who promise me free candy, washing my forepaws, spritzing sanitizer on every surface … I can live with all of that. But now the supply chain, the steady flow of new pictures is disrupted and broken! 😮 As if Hollywood wasn’t in a bad enough state already, now they kill Tinseltown completely!

Learning to live with COVID-19 my ass! :/

Guys, do I dare to peek on the latest numbers of infections and dead people?

Naw, not today. Maybe tomorrrow again. Not in the mood to dampen my kinda dark mood any further. Outside it’s dark, rainy and hurricany. 07:15 already and still dark af! 😮 The end of the world or sumfink? Anyway, me’s gotta leave our little safespace and face the big bad angry outside world today. Food supplies are low, I need to get a new starter battery, complain about our new patio table, get some medicines, talk to a panelbeater and my mechanic, and I can’t postpone any of it any longer.

Coz life goes on, has to go on, virus or not. We just have to learn to live with it. Adjust, adapt, cope … survive if at all possible.

Peeps, don’t be stupid like Orca! Of course usually you can and you may, for example when it’s about your operating system, but don’t get out on days like these. It’s terrible. I already see myself putting the supposedly freshly charged battery in the van and fiddling around with icey cold and wet spanners, and then suffer the rain as it drops in thru the leaky sunroofs … oh shit and brrr. 😮 Don’t be that girl!

Fortunately for most of you it’s glorious summertime, innit? Warm and cozy and all that? I so envy you lot. 😦 It’s easy to go on a supply run in those conditions, wearing your hot pants and tiny little frilly tops, right? Well, I’m already clad in 2 layers of polar fleece and will put on a third and then my  bad weather jacket on top of that. Not sexy at all. 😦

Feeling like Overwatch’s little fatty eskimo Mei today. 😦

As usual I wish you all the best, keep a positive mindset (not corona test positive), be excellent to each other and only leave your individual shelters if inevitable and of essential need!

Hey, you have not one but two new movies with international super stars to watch, so lockdown can’t be too bad, can it?





  1. Fleece sounds amazing right now. SoCal temps are reasonable (mid 80s) but the humidity is making it completely intolerable.

    The SA c19 numbers in your last post match those for just Los Angeles county. ‘Mericuh, #1!!!

    Movie studios closed down in mid Mar. They got permission to reopen right before numbers started climbing again. I’ve seen that some talk shows resumed studio taping with mini audiences but don’t know if movies resumed.

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