Prison: Day 109


Agitator of the day:

Those unbelievable fux don’t even have the decency to wait till the lockdown is over. 😮

So far no blackout for your editrix. Which doesn’t mean the power won’t go out any minute now. 😦 This news comes right in time with a looming cold front and shitty weather. Perfect for all the township dwellers in their little, not insulated shacks. 😦

I predict some huge fires in the next couple weeks, many death and even more homeless people. 😦

Stage 1 = 1 blackout/day

In further bad news:

Oh crap! 😮

We could see it positively, as the rain is good for our garden and the freshwater supply in the upcoming spring and summer season. Otoh didn’t we move from rainy and cold northern Germany to Africa to find the same weather patterns here. 😦

Ok, the daily peek at the virus, from behind my fingers:

Best of luck for all the volunteering lab rats.

Think about our gov’mt, our poor little old gov’mt!! 😮

Epicenter is Gauteng, not the Western Cape. Pheew. 😉

So, you want statistics?

Reuters has all the graphs and numbers, global and local!
Not good but at least better than America.

The actual numbers from South Africa are, like, alarming. 😮

Still no sign of anything getting any better. Quite the contrary. “Burned Child” Italy has extended the national emergency status after rising infection numbers. 😮

Drastic measures? No, just sane.

I guess I recommended once or twice already that we all stay at home as much as possible. Social/physical distancing is a thing, kidz! The time for jokes is over, there is no reason and no excuse for loosening the restrictions! Sorry if this sounds pathetic but mankind is fighting for survival of the species … quite literally.

And even the last dummies finally understood the message:


Frens, let’s all be sensible like Trump, let’s wear our masks when out in public, stay healthy, don’t infect our kidz and loved ones … fukn SURVIVE!

cya laterz




  1. News here was a 30yr old guy in Texas who went to a “Covid party” (at least 1 person has tested positive and attendees make a “game” of seeing who gets infected), cause he thought the virus was a hoax (???). He confessed that to his nurse the day before he died. #DarwinAward

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    • New studies show that even those who had Covid-19 already might be able to get infected again. 4 friends of mine had this virus and still have problems with their lung function, olfactory and gustatory sense.

      The only option for me is to avoid getting this virus. And if I shall wear a mask: I do! Dunno why so many Americans start a battle of cultures about if wearing a mask or not.

      *6 feet distance hug* from

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      • “still have problems”
        Yes, I’ve heard the long term damages to your whole body can be terrifying and have a negative impact on your life expectancy. 😦
        Better let’s not take risks, don’t be heroes, but stay heroically at home, don’t socialize, don’t infect others, save the world in our quiet little ways. 😉

        I suffer a little Snööf right now, so only a very very careful 12 ft distance hug from me.



    • “Covid party””

      Whaaaa… 😮

      6 year old kid in (now dead) adult body. It’s all fun and games, until it isn’t anymore and reality hits. Shit like this is exemplary for an imploding empire. 😦


  2. Fact is: Covid-19 does not care at all if there is a Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin, Johnson, Lukashenko, Jinping or anyone else of those idiots around! What seems to help here in Germany at least is a health insurance for everyone (I’ll never understand btw. why the insurance Obama tried to implement got cancelled). To the people: Please do wear masks and keep a distance of 2 meters (6 feets) to others around you. @ governments: Support your people, support health system, make a change for the future!


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    • “why the insurance Obama tried to implement got cancelled”

      You have the explainification already in your question, Silber. In a country where the skin colour decided more about their ability to hold office, a country deeply divided by deep trenches, a country where politics and citizens have no shared goals, where the citizens are just a useless weight the gov’mt has to carry around , where the gov’mt quite openly and unashamed works against the basic human interests of wellbeing and stability, what did you expect?

      A people in distress and fear is a good, easy to steer people for any populist leader. Mussolini and Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, Reagan and Thatcher, the Bushes and now Trump knew this and make the best of it.

      Noticed how I left Putin and Jinping out of the equation? Why? Because they make everything right and better for their people. If you wanna live a carefree live without a single day of hunger and be part of democratic processes, you’re best of in Russia and China right now. The support for them is real! Guess why our western leaders are so nervous and bitchy in comparison?


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