EndeavourOS isn’t Perfect! :o

It’s an Arch Linux ffs, so according to Ubuntu and Debian users I’m kinda criminally insane to even think about using this shit. And – gasp! – on this here, my production machine! 😮

Irresponsibly krayzee!!! 😮

Yes of course, accidents do happen … as everywhere where human people are involved. Thankfully the splinter group of animalistic people maintainers and developers in Arch/Endeavour is very small, so we only have to deal with human errors. =^.^=

But now hold tight: When humans make mistakes, the same or other humans correctify those mistakes and make everything good again. And particularly the Endeavour community is famous for their helpful friendlyness, so when today an update ended with an error message and didn’t install completely, what did clueless Orca do?

She panicked and killed herself!

She cooly copied the error message and sent it out into the vastness of the interwebz as just a line copied into Google Startpage, and promptly received help and a solution. In this case directly from the Endeavour forum. Because that error came from upstream Endeavour, not from Arch (because ArchLinux – as everyone knows – is in fact perfect!).

See here:

A cup of tea and some manual intervention required. 😮
So I intervened manually and … case closed! 🙂

Again just copypasted the solution from Elloquin’s post into the unexpectedly friendly terminal and voila, Bob Elloquin was my uncle. 😉

You think Orca got the first idea about what happened and what she did there?

Don’t be silly, I’m no geek. Just a user, a fukn housewife with a lot of trust into the self-regulatory powers of GNU/Linux in general and EndeavourOS in particular. In so far this Arch fork is as userfriendly af as your commonplace Minty goodness, if not more so. Because unlike all the Ubuntu and Debian shit, the Endeavour shit is simple. 🙂

And because the first response was so prompt and solved my problem, I immediately decided to  become a member of the forum. Because that is exactly what the boyscouts club needed in their ivory  tower, a damsel in distress, a itchy bitchy elderly housewife bishie with a short fuse and her totally own ideas about how Endeavour should work.

So fellow Xers, and still-windows-suffering idots, do I have your undivided attention now? Good. Then go here and do your thing.

This is where you belong!




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