Prison: Day 107

Heard of the latest virus theory?

Covid-19 is airborn! Shriek!

What a shocker

Jeez, people, of course it is!

Else why are we socially physically distancing since over 3 mths and covering our faces? Just because we fugly? Or are true believers in Allah? I don’t think so.

And I don’t see any particular problem with that either, since most viruses spreading airborn, don’t they? In so far the local weather during the last couple days is a God- or Allah-send, since the storm will blow the virus up North, to Jo’burg and the rain will rinse it down the drain.

Perfect! =^.^=

Oh, hello, good morning and welcome to Orca’s (almost) Daily Corona Show!

It’s day 107 in our semivoluntary self-quarantine and the spirits are still – or again – up. It’s cold af, mixed with intermittent torrential rainstorms. Perfect conditions to fight the virus! But also the reason why I didn’t leave the house yesterday … but today I kinda have to. Oh crap. That’s typical Hamburg weather, and not at all the reason why we moved to Africa. 😦

The news:

The numbers are getting worse. 😦 The 1 from Northern Cape means 79% of their population is infected by now. 😮

No, that isn’t the feared 2nd wave, it’s still early stages of the first wave hitting South Africa. And it must be said, same as Morocco, the gov’mt is doing its limited best to fight the virus … but unlike the Moroccans our local population is stupid af. Everybody in the townships is hanging around outside, without rhyme or reason, without masks, without any distancing! :/ Perfect petri dishes for breeding multiple populations and generations of virae, from the annual flu to Covid-19.


Danger seeker Orca lives in the most dangerous neighbourhood it seems. 😮


Our pretty province supplies more than 50% to the overall bodycount. 😦

Some news from Professor Obvious:

The photo is staged but Prof Karim is real, and serious. Our very own Doc Fauci, only properly respected. 😉

I mean, it’s nothing new the good professor is telling us here. Nothing we didn’t already know: If you love your kidz, don’t send them to school, if you yourself wanna survive don’t open the economy, the wurst is still ahead of us!

Every grown up adult non-American person knows these things. Our politicians and state leaders know them too but aren’t allowed to act accordingly since their fate is bound to the economy by their corporate overlords.

Well, if you are reading this blogthingy it shows me you’re not too concerned and/or stressed and still have the patience and nerve to make your own thoughts, get to your own conclusion … and to form your own opinion!

CYA laterz peeps

Rock On and Stay Alive!!!




  1. Sorry to see your numbers going up!

    The big cheeto has threatened to pull funding from any public school which does not reopen for on-site classes, even though everyone knows it isn’t safe. It’s so bad that the CDC has been pressured into revising it’s classroom guidelines. How comforting (NOT) to know dotard is now controlling health & science info.

    Stay healthy!

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    • OMG!
      Anybody got the guts to tell the orange utan that not all problems go away when ignored?

      Sorry to see your numbers going up soon enough. I guess they already are alarmingly out of control. It’s just the USA leaving the WHO so they won’t have to make statistics or sumfink. Or did you receive a recent bodycount?

      Stay healthy, stay at home! And all the best for you.



      • In LA county our numbers are now the highest they’ve ever been for positive tests, hospitalizations, and ICU. But we’re not back in full lockdown.

        Dr Fauci has been speaking out about it being too soon to open schools, in direct opposition to Rump, so he’s probably gonna be forced out of the public eye again.

        Orange County (“The OC”), which is substantially rich white Republicans, has been anti masic and anti closures, with really low numbers. This weekend, their first wave started.. something like a 90% increase in hospitalizations with elective surgeries now being cancelled.

        I’m on food stamps now and trying out Amazon grocery delivery. So far, it’s causing me to buy/eat more veggies… a great outcome!

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        • I’m happy to hear you find something positive in all that chaos. And yes, fresh fruit is the best now, makes you feel more super duper healthy right away. I always dunk mine in a big container of full fat choco yogurt. It’s the perfect blend of yummy and healthy. ;


          • I have 2 big containers of vanilla/honey yogurt. I love adding mango slices but the ones at the mkt looked icky. I’m waiting for nectarines to ripen.

            In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying raw veggies with humus.

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                • 11 US$ = 185 ZAR! 😮
                  It’s almost what we pay our maid for 4 – 5 hours of hard work. And we only afford her once a week.
                  They better make it the best avo toast everrrrr!!!!


                  • $11 will get you generic avo toast. A beer at a concert is also $11 or $12. A cocktail in Hollywood runs $24.

                    Here’s a good one: a ticket for parking during trash pickup, in my low rent city, is $70.

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                    • Avo toast and beer are a ripoff. But then it’s American beer nobody wants in the first place.
                      Bravo to the 70 bucks for the parking ticket! Time people learn that crime doesn’t pay! 🙂 And where I come from, my city in Germany, the police is a big contributor to the city’s coffers, so they are good for our living quality. 😉

                      Baaaah 😦


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