Linden Lab Announces It is to be Acquired


Yes, my fraggelz, you read right, we’re about to be sold! 😮

To some cold hearted financiers who’d not shed a tear and close us down at the first sign of SL not being as profitable as they hoped. Because now, in times of a global pandemic, it’s easy to imagine Second Life as the future of humankind on this planet. And it shows right now with many new sign-ups and it probably will for some time to come … and then, in typical LL manner they will find ways to fuk it up with new shinies instead of hard maintenance work to finally get the sim xings sorted out. 😦 And then ppl will leave in droves again and we’ll be looking at the pile of shards that once was Second Life. 😦

“But Orca, how do you know?”, you ask. Easy peasy, coz me gotz frens. Frens who can read and do read messages directly from the horses mouth. For example Inara, but also Johannes, Daniel Voyager and Foneco ZZ Bottom.



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